This person

Everyone has a person,

someone who they can confide in,

cry , be accountable, and trustworthy with.

This person for me has done more,

 and has far exceeded my expectations of a friend.

This person has walked through

the valley right by my side,

and not watched me walk it alone.

This person has lifted me higher spiritually,

not knowing what she was truly doing.

This person has been at each and every single

major event that has occurred in my life.

Through the birth and death of my children,

this person has not left my side.

This person has shown me what having

strength, courage,  and power truly means.

This person gave me life,

and has never left my side.

I thank God for allowing you to carry me,

for more than twenty-seven years.

Thank you Mom for your undying love.

I love you beyond words, my person.

mom and me


“The  railings on the deck have holes in them”


“The potential for a child falling down the steps”


“The rundown barn that needs to be taken care of”


“The old car that could possibly hurt a child”


“The body of water in our front yard that needs fencing around it”


Once all the roadblocks are removed,

the only thing left is hope.

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

When you are two


When you are two,

and you think no one is looking at you,

you tend to find things to get into.

Sometimes you want to jump on your bed,

or climb on your pretend kitchen and almost bump your head.

Maybe you prefer to dump out all your toys,

and make loud noises that bring you such joy.

Since you recently learned how to cut paper,

you like to make big messes and clean it up later.

If you only knew and looked over your shoulder,

that I was watching you in awe of you getting older.

Time passes so fast you see,

that you will one day be telling this to me.

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.