Power of love>love of power

Power of love>love of power

This Friday morning started just like any other Friday morning, woke up at 5:00am to get a great workout in to end the week, came home, showered and made a fresh cup of coffee before starting this blog.  This seems to many like a normal Friday, but on this day 14 years ago, it was not.

This quote above, describes the tragic events that took place on this day, 14 years ago, so perfectly.  At exactly 8:46a.m in my morning 7th grade social studies class, we got word to turn on the t.v, just after the first attack was made that a plane crashed into the North Tower, of the World Trade Center.  At 9:03a.m, with so much question, wonder and hesitation, our eyes were glued on the t.v when the second attack was made, with a plane crashing into the South Tower of the Word Trade Center.  I remember our teachers not having a word to say, yet they decided to turn off the t.v so we could “get back to the day”.  It was not long after the first two attacks, that the pentagon was targeted, causing more innocent lives to be lost.

I would just like to say a prayer for all of the families affected from those tragic events that took place, and all of the lives that were lost.

Father, please pray over the families and loved ones that lost someone to such a horrific tragedy.  Please give the families comfort and healing and help them find the peace and joy they once had.  Please let them find a way to remember their loved ones, and help them remember all of the good times they had with them, the times they laughed so hard it hurt, or was so proud of an accomplishment that had earned.  Please pray for the families of the attackers.  Please give them understanding of why their loved ones would give their lives to hurt others.  Please make today a remembrance and celebration of life and give strength to all who have been affected.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Please take a moment of silence today, to remember all of those innocent lives that were taken.