10 things before bed!


When Brielle is going to bed, it used to take forever! Now we have gotten it down(of course after bath is done) to about 5-10 minutes! This 10 on Tuesday, I going to list 10 things Brielle must do before she does to bed.. or else our night routine will not be fun!

Ο  Of course she must take a bath /shower

Ο  Right when she gets out of the bath/shower we play for a couple of minutes and then wind down

Ο She loves to put on her own pull-up/underwear now

Ο Jammies-  She hasn’t gotten to wear she chooses her jammies yet, which we always have layed out for her to put on when she gets out of the bath/shower

Ο  Read books which usually consists of 1-3 books depending on how much time we have

Ο She loves for me to brush her hair and leave it wet and down before bed

Ο Brush teeth (she tries to do this on her own and then either Shane or myself will follow behind her and brush really good)

Ο She plays this game with Shane every night when she turns on all the lights near her room

Ο  I then pick her up and go to her bed to say our nightly prayers with Shane

Ο I then tuck into bed and give her a big kiss and hug and she says “I love you to the moon and stars” and I say “I love you to the moon and back” and close the door, and she goes straight to sleep.


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10 tools this Tuesday

When building a fence, there are very specific tools that you must use, to make your fence-building experience, work (And a heck of a lot easier)!

For today’s 10 on Tuesday post, I will list 10 tools that we used during our experience and leave you with a few pictures! 🙂

  • heavy duty stapler – 7/16″ and 9/16″ staples
  • level
  • 8″ wire cutter
  • circular saw
  • sawhorses
  • 24 – 1/4 in lag bolts
  • shovel
  • manual post hole digger
  • 2 buckets (water, cement)
  • 8 inch auger



I am linking up with Karli from Sept. Farm for today’s 10 on Tuesday!

10 things I don’t do well.



Well, after last weeks post about 5 quirks you may not know about me, I figured I would top this 10 on Tuesday post, with 10 things I don’t do well.

  1. Eating right.  This has been a battle for practically my ENTIRE life that I can remember, and that scale is forever going up and down.  One day I will take control of it, and my life, and just live the healthy lifestyle.  I love to work out, but hate to eat right…you see my struggle?
  2. Flossing.  I don’t know why I got SO lazy with it, but seriously trying to aim to doing it once it day, is hard.  On a good week, I maybe do it 2-3 times a week.  Speaking of, I just got through doing it and I am needing to buy more at the store tomorrow!
  3. Deep cleaning.  Now I know many of you see my house relatively clean majority of the time.  But just reading this post from Karli’s spring cleaning list makes me exhausted!  I need to do every.single.item off of her list. Ugh!
  4. Focusing on one task at a time.  I really have tried to get better at this, but seriously, I haven’t seen much improvement in the last few months.  I like to think I am a good “multi-tasker” but that is just code for the fact that I am unable to complete the first task completely that I was supposed to do, so I just moved on to the next.
  5. Letting go of friends.  As an adult, I can’t seem to remember the last time I let go of a friend.  You know, the friends that always bring the negativity into your life, complain about any and everything, and don’t seem to appreciate your friendship at all?  Those friends.  Yep, I am still hanging on to them.
  6. Talking on the phone.  There are VERY few people that I actually talk on the phone with.  I am much more of a texter (I don’t even know if this is a word) type person, especially if I only need to say a couple of words/sentences to you.
  7. Surprises.  I love being the one to surprise other people, but I have a hard time accepting that others want to surprise me. I used to hate it (now thinking about it, I am not really sure why), but now I have grown to accept the fact that others are thinking about me, and want to show me that they care.
  8. Sleeping.  I want to say ever since I got pregnant with Rochelle, and after she passed away, I haven’t gotten good sleep.  It’s nice to know that other grieving mamas go through this too, because I literally have such a hard time staying asleep.  Not really quite sure why, but I hope to practice some meditation exercises soon and new relaxation techniques.
  9. Accepting compliments. I don’t know why I have always struggled with this, I am thinking maybe it’s just insecurity in the end, but I really have to remind myself to say “thank-you” before blurting out something else like “no, you have really pretty teeth”, or “I love your hair too”.
  10. Moving on from the past.  A lot of who I am, stems from the lack-of relationship I had with my father, and it took me a lot of years to learn how to let go, forgive, and move on from the past.  It wasn’t easy, and I am still working on it at times, but I feel so much better after doing it!

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