My top 5 from September!


So I can’t believe it’s already September 30th! This is crazy! ¬†I wanted to leave y’all with my top favorite blogs that I wrote from the month and why! ūüôā

  1. Baby girl celebrated 2 months with the Johnsons— I seriously love this because we didn’t know where we would be after the hearing and Shane and I are beyond happy to be able to spend each and every day with her!
  2. The 60 day hearing–SUCH an important day!–This day was so important and I am beyond¬†glad that I was able to go!
  3. The day we found we had to say our goodbyes!— Such an unexpected detour in our journey with little man, but we truly hope that it’s for the better!
  4. The day I turned 28! Seriously?–So crazy to think that I am 28 already and I am really hoping this year is one for the books!
  5. My tips on raising 3 kids ages 3 and under!–I can’t believe that I survived it and I wrote a blog to help all you mamas out there!! Would love to hear extra input as well!

I hope you all have a great weekend and a great FIRST day of October!

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5 Usborne Books

5 books

A little while ago, I attended my first Usborne books and more party that my friend hosted and I loved it! I bought a couple of books that Brielle became quickly obsessed with, and I knew I had to host a party of my own, so I could get more books (for free)!

I loved every minute of my online party (and even though I have not signed up to become a consultant, I still will gladly promote their product), and I can’t wait to share with you the free books that Brielle and I picked out together for her learning time!

Learning is such an essential part of life and it’s so important for children to love to read/be read to, because this is what they are going to be doing for the first 18+ years of their life. ¬†Reading challenges a toddler, builds a foundation for success, and a love for learning.

(If you want to find more information about Usborne books and more, you can always message¬†Katie N.¬†and tell her I sent you!) ūüôā

Here are Brielle’s top 5 picks and a little bit about each:

This book has such cute graphic and is so age appropriate with Brielle. She loves the flap books!
This book is all about problem solving and puzzles. ¬†It’s amazing.
Brielle gets a little nervous about going to the Dentist, so this is the perfect book to talk about what all happens to other children as they go as well!
This book is so much fun because you can actually take band-aids off and stick them on the characters. It’s adorable!
This is a book that she will learn how to read herself pretty soon, it’s simple use of words will be perfect for her to learn off of!
All 5 books!

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Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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Tell me something good

Tell me

I am linking up with An inspirational blogger to write about something good that has happened this week!

It’s so easy to get pulled into world where all you are to see is all of the negative things happening around you. From parenting struggles, to life stress, to weight loss/gain, we as a society are so quick to share the negative things happening all around us, but fail to state the positive,happy things.

Today is all about sharing something good, positive, encouraging, and I figured just sharing one thing wouldn’t be good enough, because I’m so thankful for so many things right now.

1) I have slept over 6 hours every single night this past week, which never happens. I am a horrible sleeper so this was amazing!

2) My SIL brought us a boy toddler bed for our foster child and he can’t fit it yet, so brielle chose that it was hers for now (it’s a firetruck off of cars) so now she has a princess themed room with a cars bed.. haha it’s adorable though!

3) Shane and I took the kids to go see their first firework show in Shiner,TX last night and they both did good! Even though Brielle questioned why it had to be so loud.. haha!

4) We turned in our first set of monthly paperwork for our foster child, it felt so official! This Wednesday we will have been doing this for 3 weeks, so fun!!

5) I registered Brielle for a Mothers day Out program and I am beyond excited for her to start in August. It’s twice a week from 830am-330pm and it’s Christian based and they teach the kids a lot. She will be in the 3-4 year old age group and I am so excited for her to join! Yay for education! (Thank you mom for encouraging this)!!


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A lot more “firsts”this Friday

Five ThisFriday

This Friday has come and finally for the first time in a LONG time, I have the entire weekend off work! Hooray!

Our foster child had a lot more “firsts” this week and I am SO glad to see him make so many strides since he has been with us!

  1. He walked for the first time, 4 steps in a row! YAY! He still isn’t too fond of it, and finds it more of a hassle more than anything, but we have high hopes for him! Can’t wait to watch him go everywhere in a few weeks!
  2. He went in a swimming pool for the first time yesterday! He looks SO cute, and I wish I could post all of the pics! He literally found it SO  much fun to splash everywhere.  Adorable!
  3. He has his first home visit with his parents today (YAY!) so happy he gets to see them! I am sure he misses them so much!
  4. He also had his first incident with Brielle.. unfortunately she wasn’t happy when Daddy told her no when she asked if she could give little man a hug and scratched little man in the face! Poor guy!
  5. We found out the foods that he doesn’t really like, but that he fits right on with us with his love for sweets! He ate his first cake and cupcake yesterday and couldn’t get ENOUGH! It was hilarious.

(I wish I could post all of the fun pictures that go along with us, but as per the rules of the system, I can’t but just trust me when I say!

I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at¬†September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!

Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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