One more time

One more time

Have you ever just wanted to do something

one more time?

Take me back to the January 7,

to when I fought so hard to get my own chair,

as uncomfortable as it was, just hold her.

Take me back to the colors of the room,

or the pictures on the walls.

To the sounds all of the nurses, doctors, therapists,

and all of the medical personnel always around.

To the noises from my mom and Shane.

I would want to hear the vital signs monitors again,

even as loud and annoying as they can be.

I would want to study her telemetry,

 and see what rhythm she was in.

I want to study her oxygen levels,

her nasal cannula, and the dressings on her face.

I want to look at her NG tube again,

and notice the true beauty in that tiny tube.

I would want to study every little thing about her,

talk to her until she falls asleep, hear her cries,

change her diaper, and dress her one more time.

I want to open the windows, and see the outside,

because on that day, I had never noticed the weather.

I didn’t get to see the vibrant sun outside,

until it was time to say good-bye to her and walk away,

through those black, sliding entrance doors.

It was beaming so bright,  yet I felt so cold and hollow inside.

If there was one day last year, that I could re-live,

it would be the day I had to say good-bye

to my two month old baby girl.

If I could have told her one last thing,it would be,

that I hope she knows how much she was loved.

I would tell her that mommy and daddy would trade spots,

in a heartbeat, just to give her a full, long, vibrant life.

I would tell her that she has, hands down,

the best biggest sister ever.

I would tell her, in my final words,

that God will take care of her, better than I ever could.

If I could choose any day in the last 12 months,

It would be to spend one more day with Rochelle.

Brielle is 21 months!!

Brielle is 21 months!!

(Since I am leaving for Houston today, I am posting this a day early!) 🙂

I cannot believe our precious girl is 21 months!! She has been through so much in her short amount of life that I am so excited to say that she is one of the happiest and funniest and most loving little girls I know.  I am glad she is learning to move through life with two guardian angels looking over and knowing she is safe at all times.

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 26.2 pounds (home scale)

Shoe size: 6/7



-Barney and Signing Time

-Food- She is back to having a love/love relationship with food again 🙂

-Her wubbanub paci still has to be in the crib when she is sleeping (along with multiple other paci’s)

-Loves to read books (Especially Brown Bear and Polar Bear)

-To go Fishing (with daddy while mommy works out)

-LOVES to dance!! Taylor Swift Shake it Off is still one of her top songs

-Video chat.  Even though she puts the phone to her ear majority of the time

-To text a particular person, or type on any computer.


-Puzzles (anywhere, any time)

-Talking, a lot.

-Her favorite phrase is still “show me kitchen” or “I want knack” for snack! lol


-Brushing the teeth

-Getting out of the bath.–Getting better with age though

-To be scared.  Or to see scary things. She will say “Mommy snake scary”

-To leave mommy–unless she is sleeping, she will cry when I walk out of the door and she is with someone else.

Teeth: 18 teeth. No new teeth this past month

Diapers: Size 5.  Potty training officially started, and she goes pee or poop majority of the time when I put her on.


Signing- More, sad, happy, dirty, hot, cold, all done, milk, thank you, please, horse, cry, apple, yellow, red, blue, pink, black, orange, signing time, playing, stop, read, book, open door, sun, moon, and she is picking up on x, y, and z right now. She has loved to sign this past month!

Words-She is saying just about everything on her mind.  She will try to show us something if we are not getting what she is asking. I love to see her try to use her words, she takes a little longer to get it all out since she is stringing more together, but it’s beyond precious to see her try.

Understanding- I truly feel like she understands almost everything.

She is only 3 months from being 2!! I need to definitely get on the ball with her party! ahhh!

She loves riding/driving in the big red out in the country!
She loves riding/driving in the big red out in the country!
loving to walk on Nana's treadmill
loving to walk on Nana’s treadmill
Post gym time fun!
Post gym time fun!
One of my favorite looks from last month!
One of my favorite looks from last month!
Mardi Gras time!
Mardi Gras time!
looooving on baby Natalie
looooving on baby Natalie
One of those "toddler tantrums" :)
One of those “toddler tantrums” 🙂
Trying to dress herself, she told me "all done mommy!" haha so precious
Trying to dress herself, she told me “all done mommy!” haha so precious