Tag, you’re IT!


So as a parent of 5 (I am still amazed when I see that number), I see myself needing to plan a lot further in advance, but sometimes it just feels like the day-to-day activities are going so fast that you are literally tag-teaming with your partner (mine is Shane) to getting stuff done.

I literally try to not rush in life, and I usually get everywhere we need to be early (just in case an emergency occurs), but having two kids with baseball practice at the same exact times on the same exact days (twice a week), church twice a week, and my job every other weekend, I find myself playing tag with Shane now more than ever.

But even though it feels like life is so busy and is so overwhelming right now, and the only time we have to catch up on life is after all kids to bed at 8:30pm, we still try to make  that time for each other and not lose site of each other in the midst of all of this chaos .

We might be playing tag for quite a few years(or until they are all 18, lol!) but we know that  if we put God first in our life and our marriage, that things will always work out!

Do any of y’all ever feel like you are playing “tag” with your significant other to get a LOT of tasks done? Especially those of you who have multiple kids?

(BTW Shane and I just celebrated our 12 year anniversary this past weekend and it was SO fun–looks for details in a couple of days)

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Precious fall family photos


I said in yesterday’s post that we took our family pictures this past weekend which was also the last weekend that I worked, so to say that we had a very busy day was an understatement! We decided on 1:00pm to meet at our photographers house due to Brielle usually taking her nap anywhere between 2:30-3 and we decided (along with the photographer) quickly that it was not a good time at all to take pictures due to the position of the sun.  I think we still got great pictures and can’t wait to take more when we have a family of 4!
Hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!  Thank you so much Dee Zavadil for the amazing pictures, if you would like her information you can find it on facebook Lucky Shots by Dee or here.












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