Book Review: The Lost Concerto

This image encapsulates this novel so well, with traveling being the core of the book.
This image encapsulates this novel so well, with traveling being the core of the book.

Title: The Lost Concerto

Author: Helaine Mario

Chapters: 92

Pages: 430

This book was down-right amazing.  I definitely had to re-start it when my toddler little girl was asleep, so I could fully focus on the story.  This story starts off with a woman and her son trying to escape from what appears to be a very scary person.  From then on, you on our your toes with every single story within each chapter.

There are three separate parts to this novel.  Parts 1,2, and 3.

Part 1(Lost)

Where the author Helaine Mario, set the characters of the story up so well.  The descriptions of each person involved, was unbelievable.  I have no knowledge of music, yet the way the author made the connection from the music and lyrics to each of the main characters was astonishing.

Part 2 (Searching)

Where one of the main characters was convinced by a CIA agent to find out the truth of what happened to her friend and her friends son (her godson).  This section went back and forth with what each character (the good and the bad ones) was feeling at different moments throughout one day.  It seemed as if so much time was passing in this section between everyone, yet it all happened so quickly in a mere few days.

Part 3 (Found)

This was of course my favorite part of the novel.  It had a long of big french words and locations that I had a little trouble pronouncing in my head, but that did not keep me one bit from understanding what was happening.  This section was where all of the answers from the first two parts came about, and even when you thought you had all of it figured out, the ending was the most shocking of all.

I would definitely give this review 5 out of 5 stars, and I would highly recommend it!  To purchase the book you may click here.  I love the fact that this novel is such a great read for anyone, especially those of us who like to solve a good mystery! 🙂

Book in Review: Crazy Love

Book in Review: Crazy Love

Title : Crazy Love (Two best friends, too many lovers, totally outrageous)

Author: Desiree Day

Number of Pages: 312

Chapters: 61 short chapters

I remember reading this book in my early 20’s and only got about 1/3 of the way before getting drawn onto another book.  I wish I would have told myself to stick it out a few years ago, because it’s a great read!

This book describes two women (Stacie Long and Tameeka Johnson) finding their way through their lives and through different men.  Stacie has a list that she goes by every time she meets a man that she wrote in high school and still believes that the perfect man is out there.  Stacie is described as a beautiful woman who all the guys flock too.  Tameeka on the other hand, is just amazed when any man is interested in her and she is just wanting to find her own “Mr. Right” .

Both of their lives are definitely opposite, but the roots of these girls goes way back to when they were children living in the same rough neighborhood where not many people made it out to be successful.  They both decided they were not going to be those people and Stacie got a job at a law firm being a receptionist while Tameeka decided to open up her business from scratch and offer different types of products in her shop to help people relieve stress and relax.

It definitely gets into detail with this book about their love life, their social life, and their personal lives as well.  I loved that I can definitely relate with some of my friends with having to go through rough times before finding their soul mate, or the friends that had to struggle before becoming successful.  I loved this book, and I couldn’t wait to get in bed at night and read late into the night, losing track of time.

I would probably recommend this book to just the women, I am sure a man would like this book, but I am gearing this audience to be more towards the women.  It’s a good read and I am glad I pulled it out of my box of books that I saved and read it again! 🙂