Humble Pie

Humble Pie

After reading this Humble Pie prompt from the Daily Post, it definitely hit the spot, after what all I did today, even though it’s not necessarily the direction the prompt was going.

Being humble is something that you are, not something someone taught you to be.  Remembering that no matter how much you work to climb up that ladder at work, you will never forget how it felt to be at the bottom.  Knowing that even when you are blessed with great opportunities, or fortunes, that you never forget to give back.

After today, having to work on the floor as a CNA (certified nurse aide) because we were short staffed and having to give showers to the residents, to shave them, to make sure they looked presentable for the family members coming to visit, changing the briefs (diapers), etc.. made all the memories of the past 5 years come back, full swing.

Without a doubt, I will never forget how hard it is being a CNA.  It takes a toll on your body physically, every day, and it’s the lowest paying job in the nursing field.

When I found out we were short staffed today, I told the aides that I would be there for them, without a doubt, all shift.  Of course, I still had my job as weekend Charge Nurse/Treatment Nurse, but I just knew it was all about balancing, and letting them know, that no matter what, they can depend on me to be there for them.

I am forever grateful that I went on to get my RN degree, and worked my way up the totem pole, but my hands will never be “too full” or “too busy” to help another worker/someone in need.

I got more compliments today from the workers/residents/families than I have gotten in a long time, and as stressful as the day was/gets, I will always remember to stay humble, thankful, and give God the glory for the blessing my hands with the ability to help others.