Mother’s Day 2018!!

mothers day 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to those mamas who have left this earth way too early, we must honor and remember them today! To all of you soon to be mothers, the ones who have lost their child(ren), the ones who day in and day out give all that you have have to make sure your children don’t go without.  You are NOTICED and appreciated!

I remember being pregnant for the first time with Lamar, and being so amazed that I could carry a life inside of me, and I was just amazed at everything that my body was doing, and just the feeling of being a mother already once we got pregnant. I felt this way with each subsequent pregnancies as well. I loved them so much before they were even born, just as Jesus did with us!

Parenting has been difficult at times and easy at other times.  I feel like with each age range (ages 4 months-7 years) comes different requirements, and I try my best to meet the needs of each one of them day in and day out, but there are definitely times where I fall short and that’s ok!  I look at it with the outlook that I never want to go to bed angry or upset at the kids(shane and I both try so hard to do this as well) and that each day brings a new start with a fresh beginning and I try to make the best of it (after my daily cup of coffee of course).

I have loved this season (past year) with finalizing ALL of the adoptions, and truly finding our new normal after such a big hectic year with fostercare.  I am looking forward to this summer with just being able to have a schedule with the kids, and be able to teach them more and more knowledge and growth over the next few months!

Motherhood is seriously such a major part of my identity (especially with so many of them a such young ages right now)but it is not who I am, my identity is found in Christ Jesus.  Being a mother to my five kids (and 2 in heaven) is such a gift, that I will never take for granted.

I tried to send this sweet little message (picture above) to ALL of the amazing women/mothers that continue to inspire me each and every day!

This year my parents kept the girls for the night and Shane took all of the boys to run errands so that I could actually get a NAP in ( I don’t even remember the last time that happened), and then I woke up with a bouquet of flowers and dinner cooked (and all cleaned up) and then today he brought me coffee and breakfast and then we went to an awesome church service and ended our night with spending it with my parents in Lockhart!

Shane helps me out each and every day in parenthood and it does not go unappreciated but the extra kind gestures on Mother’s Day are always loved and so thoughtful!

I will leave you with some pictures from today! Hope everyone had an awesome day!!


(These are ALL of the sweet gifts my kids gave to me from school… SO precious)


And Mom, thank you for EVERYTHING.  These words are just a bit of how I feel about you!! LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

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Super Mom

Mother’s Day has come once again and I could not be more happy to be a mom/have a great mom!

I have accepted and embraced the fact that my children are where they should be and there is nothing I could/would want to change about that.  It took me a great deal of time to come to this point in my grief journey, and I know some days are definitely worse than others, but I know God’s right there with me through this healing process.

But this day isn’t about me… it’s about my mom.  Let me just tell you a little bit about her and why she is so amazing.  My mom has been through a tough times, and had to make some adult decisions early on in her life.  With getting married and divorced at such a young age, she was left with raising two kids on her own.  She never gave up.  She continued on to getting her Masters, all while working full-time and raising two children.  I am sure there were moments where she probably just wanted a “break” and throw in the towel.  Well, good thing she never did, because her desire and drive to love unconditionally and have a great work ethic passed on to my brother and I.

She fought for us in every situation (even when the daycare said that we did something wrong–she stuck up for us).  She gave us freedom to attend any camps during the summer that we were interested in and gave us the ability to learn how to make decisions early on in our childhood that would help mold us as adults.

Just when we thought she had done it all, she amazed us by graduating with her PhD from the University of Texas.  My brother and I have never had the educational drive like her to further our careers (well, at least not yet), but she instilled in us that you must get a good education if you want a good job.

When we both became parents for the first time, she was the person we wanted in the room (me) or on the phone (my brother).  Nana will forever be her name now, and I know that makes her so happy to be called that (and trust me, it’s usually one of the first words our kids learn to say).

She is super Mom because even though my and brother are both grown adults (27 &28), we will always know that our mom is just a phone call, text, or drive away if we ever needed her.

We love you forever mom,


(silhouette of the grandchildren)

Happy Mother’s Day!!♥


Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

This comes and goes every year since becoming a mother, and it is so bittersweet each time.  I definitely knew I wanted to work this year, to take my mind off of being sad/thinking too much.

Work definitely kept me busy as I went in a little before 5am and left a little after 1pm.  It was busy and just overflowed with all of the love from the families that were visiting, and it is always so nice to get to see my residents dress up nice and get to go out of the facility to spend time with their loved ones.

My brother and I knew we both wanted to do something special for my mom, since it’s so rare that we both get to visit anyways, and we decided that we would meet at her house around 4pm after Brielle was awake from her nap and it was SO fun!! I wanted to record her reaction, but we were too slow! It was priceless!! She was so happy that both my brother and I showed up with our families and let me tell you, it’s seriously SO rare that we actually ever can successfully pull off a surprise.  SO many factors go into it since we live out of town.

The day was spent just as I would like but I just wanted to also that I truly did hope and wish that I could have just got to feel a a special feeling knowing Rochelle and Lamar are ok, but that didn’t happen.  I know they are most likely happy and having the time of their lives, but I just wish that God would give me more signs just to know that they are safe, and ok.

It’s so hard to think last year I was so happy to be pregnant and couldn’t WAIT to have another baby, and this year it is still just Shane, Brielle, and myself at home.  So surreal.  God is healing my broken heart slowly, and I know it will take time, but just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who said Happy Mother’s Day to me (it truly meant the world).

Here are a few pictures from the day! I love my family.

my early present, scored such a great deal!
my early present, scored such a great deal!
sweet card!
sweet card!
Uncle Nathan and Brielle. so sweet
Uncle Nathan and Brielle. so sweet
my mom's presents, plus a sweet bouquet made out of her favorite candy!
my mom’s presents, plus a sweet bouquet made out of her favorite candy!
everyone in the car headed to dinner! Nana and Papa are in the front :)
everyone in the car headed to dinner! Nana and Papa are in the front 🙂
Brielle doing exactly what Nana does while she works. Hilarious.
Brielle doing exactly what Nana does while she works. Hilarious.