4 months


ANOTHER wild, busy, crazy month has passed by and now our foster baby girl is 4 months old!

Height: I swear I keep telling myself I will find my tape measure.. but every month I fail to do so! So I will def. get it on the 12th at her 4 month appointment!

Weight: 13 pounds taken at home scale.


-To grab her feet! It’s the absolute favorite thing of hers at the moment!
-To play with her sisters! She LOVES Brielle and our 17 month foster baby girl SO much!
-To eat, I swear she is going through a growth spurt, because this girl can eat a lot! She is up to 4 oz. every 2-3 hours (sometimes every 1-2)!
-To sleep! She loves to nap, and is great at sleeping at night.
-Her mouth! Well, she has been teething like crazy!
-To be outside. I remember it used to be one of our “tools” to keep Brielle happy!

– Still only a fan of the “perfect temperature” bath.
– Hates when she is trying to feed herself her own bottle and it falls out and she can’t quite grasp it to pick it back up to put in her mouth.

Teeth: She FINALLY has a tooth!! About a week and a half ago! Her second one will be here one day soon as well!

She is cooing and interacting so much lately, it is adorable!

Milestones: She is SO close to rolling over, that I am sure she will accomplish this any day now!


Family visit (1 hour every week on Tuesdays)

MD appt: 4 month appt sept. 12th

monthly visits with ECI team

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)

I will leave you with some CUTE (but blurry due to her being in foster care) pictures! We just love this baby girl so much!💓

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60 days already?

2 months with the johnsons.jpg

First and foremost, has it really already been 2 months that we were at the hospital in San Antonio signing over paperwork to become foster parents for baby girl while she was in the NICU? Wow.  Time has flown by so fast, and I am SO happy that I have been able to capture so many of her sweet moments on camera.  We seriously LOVE doing life, with her.

Of course this past month has brought a lot of changes in our lives.. some good and some not so good (not with her, with her case) but we have learned to lean more on God and less on our own understanding.

She has grown to know each one of us more, on a deeper level.  It’s amazing how big of a smile she will give me, Brielle, and Shane when we are talking to her.   It’s SO adorable to know that she knows us so well and loves us already!

In the past month she changed so many lives ( literally everyone that meets her) and it’s so amazing.  She is a miracle.  She shouldn’t be here, but God saved her life, to be a blessing to so many other people. She gives people hope for the unknown, faith to believe that God saves us (all of us), and perseverance to keep going.

She has become my riding buddy.  We ride together to doctors visits, family visits, visits to go see family/friends, and just around town.  She is the best car-rider and I hope that never changes about her.  She fits in our schedule (daily schedule) so well, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

She has grown so much in the last month as well.  We had to pack up ALL of her newborn clothes (so sad, yet so exciting at the same time) and pull out her 0-3 month clothes.  She has developmentally grown by meeting more milestones, and emotionally by expressing what she wants, when she wants it.  So proud of baby girl!

We hope next month just brings us more joy, and we hope you all follow along for the ride! I will leave you some adorable pictures to look at, as well (even with her face blurred, she is still SO cute)!






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Oh Happy Day! It’s Friday!

Hope everyone has had a great week! I definitely have to say that this one has been one of the best weeks I have had in a while!

Here are my top 5 favorites from this week:

–I actually had a mommy vacation, when my parents decided to take Brielle down to the coast for the night, which meant I had an entire day to myself! It was utterly amazing getting a pedicure, eyebrows threaded, a ton of shopping (a lot of stuff for Brielle and some for me), and just able to go place to place without having a toddler was just..amazing! I also got to catch up with 2 of my former nursing school friends, which was SO much fun and it filled my heart with joy to see them grow in their lives! 🙂

Hello Berry Spritzer from Starbucks! (forgot the name, but the drink was amazing!)
Hello Berry Spritzer from Starbucks! (forgot the name, but the drink was amazing!)

–I was really hoping and praying that Victoria would open a Barnes and Nobles, when all of the sudden I drove past a Hastings and was like “I forgot they still were open!”.  Well, come to find out, they carry all of the latest books, music, and games and it was a pretty big store.  I love that I got 6 (her sticker book is not shown) books that look very interesting for only $18! **Cue mommy dance**


–I got my last Birchbox make-up shipment in and I am SO happy with it, and can’t wait to try all of the products! My favorite has to be the red matte lipstick.  I am a girl who NEVER wears lipstick and it makes my lips looks amazing!  (Blog post to come)


Helllo Kylie Jenner! Haha JK! :)
Helllo Kylie Jenner! Haha JK! 🙂

–I only went to the gym once this week! (FAIL!) But while I attempted to multiple times in my head to wake up at 5:30am and just get the workout over with, it never happened, so I only attended one afternoon class.  Next week WILL be better, I promise! 🙂

–Tomorrow is my last day to work in Austin with my patient! While I am SO going to miss her and her family, I am glad and honored that I get to work her 4th birthday party! YAY! I can’t believe how much she has grown since I first started, and I am truly amazed at who she has become!

On a side note, this weekend will be filled with lots of joy and happiness, and definitely blog-worthy posts! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am linking up below with some other websites below, click here and here. 🙂


Coffee chat, with cinnamon rolls!

Haven’t had a coffee chat in a little while, so I figured I would catch up on some major things going on here!

Of course, since it is cold here in Texas now (well, for the past two days), I feel like you must have something warm to drink in the morning, when you are first waking up! But, along with something warm to drink, I feel like the cooler weather brings the acceptance of eating a warm croissant(such a nice delicious cinnamon roll) as wel!

I have had some major changes this past month and I would definitely first start out the conversation by asking how you are doing, and find out the latest updates with you! I am a great listener, so I love when people get lost in their lives!

Once the conversation turned back towards me, I would definitely tell you that I have so many changes with my jobs, my house, and my family, that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.   Celebrating Rochelle’s first birthday was hard, yet rewarding.  I would tell you that my house itself is here, and my well is placed in, but we are still not living there.  We still have to get our electric pole and septic tank placed there.  God is showing me so much through this process, and at the end of the day, I must remember to trust in His timing, and just wait.  I would tell you that my last “official” day with my home health job in Austin is coming up and I can’t believe it! It has come by so fast, that I can’t believe it’s almost here, and she is almost 4! YAY, I am SO proud of her!  I would also tell you that I am SO beyond excited to be meeting up with my family (my cousin and her family) for thanksgiving!  I have to work that day, but I know it will be a GREAT new experience for all of us, and I can’t wait!

I would also probably tell you that I can’t believe Brielle is growing up SO fast! Next month, she will be 2 1/2 years old! Where in the world has time gone? I love this stage SO much, and I feel like I can do anything and everything with her.  She is such a big girl and has some major transitions coming in her life (potty training fully, transitioning from crib to bed, saying good-bye to paci’s), that I would almost say to beware of the upcoming months for us and say a LOT of prayers!  Transitioning to a new house will be completely different for her, yet exciting, and it will definitely bring so many new changes for her!  I would probably (if you are a mom) ask you how all of works and what the easiest techniques are.

By the end of our coffee date, we would definitely make sure we finish our cinnamon roll and make sure to get extra to take home to the family if we needed! We would definitely need to set up a date for our next meet-up, give hugs, and say our good-byes!

It was nice having another coffee date! I hope you are all doing well! 🙂