Sorry I have been MIA for the last week, I went on a cruise (which I will be posting about soon) and just got back home 2 days ago.

I have been trying to somehow manage having 3 kids 3 and under, and have them all fed, clean, changed, and happy  content. It has been awesome having my parents and my husband (shane) help SO much when I was gone and even when I am here.  Thank goodness for my village.. it’s so so good!

So just imagine you get home from vacation (5 days) and you want to relax, unpack, do laundry, hug and kiss and love on your kids.. BUT you get a phone call from the legal worker for baby girl saying that he is on his way to my house to do his first monthly visit.. UNANNOUNCED.. um WHAT?

I literally had a million thoughts running through my head such as:

  • I haven’t been home to see what kind of condition it was in since I left
  • My kids are going to be SO excited to see me, they are going to act up in front of new people
  • My animals (dogs) were outside roaming the land and they need to be put up before he gets there
  • I need to make sure everything is put up that should be.. (basically your house has to be perfect at every visit and make it look like you don’t have 3 kids who destroy it in less than 5 minutes, living with you)

It was crazy!  I had about 20 minutes to get things together before the legal worker and his supervisor arrived at my house and thankfully Shane cleaned up as much as he could during his lunch before he had to go back to work.. and my parents agreed to stay and keep the older two distracted so that I could just focus on baby girl and answer all of there millions of questions they have about her (that they basically ALREADY know).

Let’s just say.. two toddlers who were wanting to nap, wasn’t the prettiest of sights.. thankfully they kept them all in Brielle’s room and played.. and I answered as much as I could before having them walk through my house to make sure everything is up to “standards” with having baby girls needs met here.  It was a very stressful afternoon and I was so glad when it was over..

Well.. fast forward two days later (to today) and the CPS licensing lady decided to show up to my house UNANNOUNCED as well, to make sure our foster/adoption agency was doing everything they should be doing with us, and keeping up with the “standards”.. Well  when I saw her car pull up to my driveway (insert panic mode here) and I noticed my cell phone was going off and it was her, I knew it was going to be bad. I just didn’t know how bad it would get.

Well, let’s just say that I had 3 happy, content kids before she arrived.. and of course she was a stranger, so little man immediately attached to me until I told him it was ok and he could go say hi, Brielle doesn’t like too many new people (actually she is not a people person at ALL, so she had a meltdown when I told her that she couldn’t hold the baby on the couch and sit with me), and of course baby girl woke up and realized it was time to eat.. all within the first 10 minutes of this lady showing up..

I was SO nervous/anxious and starting sweating thinking of all the possibilities that could be going through her head seeing all 3 of my kids throwing tantrums (which they RARELY ever do at the same time), and judging how I would handle the situation. SO what did I do? I called Shane to get off work early (practically begging for help) so he could take the older two kids out to eat lunch/go play at the park, etc.. while I just had baby girl and the lady here so I could focus properly and answer her millions of questions so she could leave faster.. UGH! Thankfully Shane came and took the other ones and it was finally peaceful and I could feed baby girl and get everyone taken care of. Talk about CRAZY!

After doing a walk through (yet again.. thank goodness my house was clean this time since I had been cooking/cleaning/doing laundry ALL morning) and then going over how she doesn’t have to come for another two years (THANK goodness), she wrapped her things up and left.. I could finally breathe.. Shane brought the kids back and everyone (all 3 kids, plus all 3 of my animals) went down for a nap and I have a moment to just realize how crazy this foster/adoption journey is for us! Not easy at all, but God blessed us with the ability to do this and He always comes through to help me. He is such a good God!

Please say a small prayer that no more people decide to just show up at my house unannounced (which is allowed in this crazy system) so I can finally relax for the next couple of days before working this weekend!

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Baby girl,4 months old!

four months

Height: 19.5 inches

Weight: 7pounds 9 oz. with clothes on

-To be snuggled and held
-Her paci from the hospital (we bought more just in case we ever lose those precious green ones!)
-To be awake at night, it’s seriously amazing how awake she is at night
-To be loved and held by Brielle and little man! She loves to hear them talk to her.
-To rock in her swing. So so precious!
-To be warm (loves skin to skin)

– Taking a bath.
– Taking her multivitamin medicine every day

Teeth: No teeth!

None but I have started to sign milk when she is drinking her bottle, and talk to her constantly.  She makes the most hilarious facial expressions so I know she can hear us talking and she’s just taking it all in.


1st visit with her Mom and Dad tomorrow 8/2

MD appts: Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist,Pulmonologist, Pediatrician all this month

Meeting up with caseworker, legal worker, and all of the people who make up her team.

**We are not able to post any pictures of him that will show her face, or any specific information about him (name, date or birth, etc).

BUT, I will leave you with some adorable pics I got of her! (she actually turned 4 months on July 25th, but since we were placed with her on the 28th, I am just now doing her update)



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SURPRISE, this makes 5!

baby girl

Last week, we got a call (during my gym class) about a preemie baby girl that was born 1 lb. 3 oz, but is now 4 mo. old and is ready to be released home from the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  They also stated that this was looking in the direction of possible adoption, if the court agrees with everything that CPS has found out.

I, of course, did NOT hesitate one bit, and said YES, please submit our home study!  Well, turns out, we found out the next morning that we were selected as baby girls foster/adoptive parents, and were SO excited!! We actually drove to San Antonio and met with her that day and then was told that either me or my husband had to do an overnight stay at the hospital Friday night in order to be able to leave with her.

Friday night came quick, and my mom and I spent the night, while Shane took the kids to the coast to go fishing with some friends.  It was hilarious because baby girl must have known that she was finally released from the NICU and moved to a regular room with no monitors, because she was up practically the whole night.  It was so cute to see her personality shine already, and get to know who she is and learn all her little quirks.

The nurses that took care of her, quickly became her family.  She was officially in the NICU for 128 days.  It was so sweet to meet all of the amazing team that kept her alive and thriving, and to see God work through their amazing skills.  She was so tiny when she entered this world, and we got to take home a healthy little girl (with a few problems that I will get to on another post)!

We couldn’t be more happier to be fostering two children and having our own biological child as well! We officially have 3 under 3 and our hands and our hearts are SO full.

Thank you so much for everyone following along our journey and helping in any way that you can. We love and appreciate you all.

Please continue to pray for little mans family and baby girls family as they go through these tough times without their children, and pray that they turn their lives around and lean towards Christ for their answers.


The Johnsons

P.S  Here is a sneak peak of baby girl!


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Lucky number Ten!


Our foster journey has been nothing short of eventful.  When we first were praying and were called to do this, God put it in our heart to reach out and call an adoption agency to see what we needed to do to get started.

Little did we know, that through MANY tests, training, certifications,  and switching agencies, we were finally licensed June 9,2016.  We didn’t know when we were going to get “the call” for our first placement, but we did know that it probably wouldn’t take that long since there are unfortunately so  many foster children in the system, just in Texas, right now.

What we thought was going to happen was that they would call us and ask if we accept the information given for a child, and then we will get the child.  Nope, they call and ask us if we accept (apparently they do this to MANY families at the same time) and then submit our home study to the agency, and then they choose (I’m assuming) which family would be the best fit the child!

Well, the phone call finally came  (what we call, our lucky number ten), and for some reason, I had almost just mentally put myself in a place where I knew not to get excited anymore for something that may not happen.  It wasn’t until literally less than ten minutes after asking me if we would accept, that she called back and said they chose us for a little baby boy (well technically he is over 1, so not a baby.. but you get it)!

He arrived to our house around 6:45pm the day after Brielle turned 3, and it has been a whirlwind of a week, with hopefully a very relaxing week coming up this week!  He came to us with very little supplies, and so with a lot of clothes shopping, donations, and grocery shopping, we have made it, and we thank God for providing us with such giving friends and family and can’t wait to see this little boy prosper and grow in Gods grace!

Please pray for his family (specifically his parents) to have the strength, endurance and patience to get the help they need, so that this precious, happy boy can return home to them.  Pray for our strength, wisdom, and grace to give everything we can to him and Brielle and show how much love we can give.

Thank you everyone for following along!


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