Hey you! It’s Friday!!

I can’t believe the week has already come to an end! I will share with you 5 happenings this week, with the Johnsons!

∞ I have worked out every day, twice a day for the entire week and I am REALLY wanting to win this step challenge (one of the groups is SUPER competitive) considering I have walked/worked out the most ever!

∞ Brielle got to see her Nana and Papa  for the first time in a couple of weeks and they made some bread (and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING every time! I really need to learn it and post a recipe soon!

∞Brielle almost is completely out of pull-ups which is amazing!! She no longer naps with one and has not had an accident yet! *whoop-whoop* Next step–removing the night-time one (I hope to conquer that before this current pack runs out)!

∞I worked overnight for the first time in a while, and it wore me OUT! Thank goodness Shane dropped Brielle off with my parents and I could sleep for 5 hours.. ahh.. so peaceful!

∞Snapchat has become one of our favorite apps (sheridanj2014) and Brielle has LOVED some of the filters.. they are beyond hilarious! Follow me there to see more of my crazy toddler learning, playing and living life!



**Bonus–Check out my YouTube Channel that I most recently updated with new videos of Brielle learning here. I want to capture her knowledge and learning growth over the years and felt like this would be the perfect place! I will add more videos of her when she was younger as well!


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Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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It’s funnnn Friday!

OK, so maybe it’s not that fun, but come on.. who ISN’T ready for the weekend?  And I am so happy to be off for a weekend, and get to spend this weekend with some VERY special mamas.

Here are the latest happenings with us Johnsons:

  • Finally, after three, yes three visits with the oral surgeon.. I am now complete with my visits and I have never been so happy.  I developed a terrible case of dry socket and luckily it was not infected, but the pain I experienced was nothing like I have ever been through before.  It doesn’t happen to everyone who gets their teeth pulled, which is good, because I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. 
  • I finally got my appetite back, great for me.. bad for the scale.  I am glad to say though that since I have had more energy from being able to eat again, I was able to work out 3 times this week, heck yes (so happy to be walking 10,000+ steps again)!
  • Brielle had some super fun play dates this week, one with one of her best friends Gabrielle and her sister Scarlett, and one with my best friend Caitlin and her kids.  She has such a fun/crazy personality when she is with other people, and I love hearing the stories they tell/show me! (More adorable pics to come).
  • We bought fencing for our house, since my father-in-law doesn’t want to fix ALL the major problems that we need fixed  for the foster/adopt environmental health inspection (since he owns the land we are on), so we are just going to be putting a fence in front of the house to block off all of the problems and not have to mess with the land–thank goodness.
  • Last but not least, I am leaving today (yes, mama gets a much needed vacay by herself) to attend a women’s retreat.  This retreat is unlike most others, because we all have the same thing in common.  Each of us moms there, have lost one or more child(ren).   These group of women just get me..because I don’t have to explain myself, or be too scared to share my feelings, they just get it and that’s why I love this retreat so much.  To read more about my experience last year click here.  I was so lost when I went, just two months after I lost Rochelle and I didn’t really know what I was doing in Round Top, Texas with a whole bunch of women I didn’t know.  God brought me there, and I came out so much of a stronger person than when I left.  Thank goodness.I can’t wait to see what this year brings.I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!Enjoy your Friday!! ❤

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