Half a year old, already!


Height: 20 inches

Weight: 10 pounds even with our at home pediatric scale

-To smile!
-To spit up… yep, she’s a spit up baby! But I must say in the last month she has gotten tremendously better!
-To be awake! This last month has definitely led to more awake time!
-To suck her thumb!(yes, she will get out of her swaddle to get that right thumb in her mouth!)
-Her swing, she just loves that thing.. and so do we! ūüôā
-To take a bath..but the water must be juuuuusst right, or else we will hear it.

– Exercises she is supposed to be doing to help loosen up the muscles
– To be cold. ¬†She loves to be warm/hot and wrapped up all the time.. but let her think she’s cold.. and we will hear it!

Teeth: Still no teeth

None yet.. BUT the babbles have definitely started, and they are OH so cute! Love her cooing noises!


Family visit (every Tuesday this coming up month for 1 hour)

MD appts: Pediatrician(Sept. 29) Dentist (Sept.27)

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)

ECI (early childhood intervention coming now twice a month to work with baby girl)

OT (Occupational therapy) coming out next week to evaluate and decide how many sessions/month they are going to do

Mama and Baby massages will be starting up soon as well, and she qualified for 5 sessions and they are done in the comforts of our home! Can’t wait for that!


(Her face was protected due to her being in CPS care at this time)

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The 60 day hearing!


Yesterday was a VERY important day in our foster/adoption case with baby girl.  It was her 60 day hearing, stating whether or not we were going to stay on track with everything that we are doing at this time.  I chose to go to this with my parents and it was SO good for me to be there.

The entire team was there:

  • baby girls mother and her lawyer
  • baby girls father and his lawyer
  • the legal worker (that communicates with both us and the parents)
  • baby girls lawyer (even though she was stuck in SA traffic, she stayed on the phone during the hearing and spoke when it was her turn)
  • baby girls caseworker (who sat with us in the visitor section)
  • the Judge

At first, the Judge asked each person to state who they are and who they are representing.  Then he went on to let the legal worker answer some questions that the court was asking about the case, and he answered them straight-forward to his best ability.  Then each lawyer said their cases, and what each the services that each parent is suppose to be going through (drug treatment, domestic violence classes, parenting classes, etc.).  It was baby girls(I so wish I could say her name sometimes, it would make the sentence writing, a LOT less confusing, lol) lawyers turn next (and she was still on the phone), and she stated the importance of baby girl to be fed properly, to make sure that they are aware that there are risks with their baby when feeding (aspiration, choking, etc.), that she cannot be around people who smoke(mom denies doing it.. even though I see in my rear-view mirror after every visit), that she still has two holes in her heart that we have not gone to the appointment yet to verify if they are indeed still open. She stated the importance of not spreading infection, because her little body may not be able to fight it off (like an average, healthy baby), and tons more. Let me just say that I am SO happy that God sent this amazing lawyer in our life to protect the best interest of baby girl.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer in the San Antonio area!  The faces mom and dad were giving during this time (eye rolling, head shaking, whispering in their lawyers ears) basically showed that they were not happy with what was being said.

**The moms lawyer did try to bring up the fact that baby girls aunt did try to step up in the beginning for baby girl to be placed with her initially instead of in a foster home, and the legal worker had to state to the court that the aunt is MIA and won’t respond to any of his calls, so aunt is now out of the picture and no other family members have stepped up yet**

The Judge ended the hearing by telling the parents they have 3 things to do:

  1. Follow ALL of the services.. not a single one can be missed.
  2. Review and sign ALL documentation saying that they are aware of the situation and why their baby is in foster care.
  3.  That if they choose to NOT do #1 or #2, and fail at following any and everything, their rights could be terminated by the court of law.

As of right now, things are going to stay the way they are with her in our care at this time, with weekly visits with the parents for one hour.

The next hearing is in January, and we will know more information, by that time.  Her trial is in April and that is when rights will be terminated, or reunification will happen with the parents.

After all was said and done, God definitely answered our prayers. ¬†He put the right people in her case, and in our life. ¬†We have been praying over baby girl and the situation at whole, and we know that God is trying to prepare our hearts for what’s to come in the next few months with her case, and that we must listen and open our eyes and our hearts to receive His message.

Thank you for all of the prayers for baby girl and for our family.  We greatly appreciate it!

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(Almost) 3 months with the Johnsons


To say this journey has been easy, the last three months of our lives, would be a lie. ¬†We went from having to take care of one child, to three, in the matter of 6 weeks. ¬†It was crazy, overwhelming at times, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t picture our life without these precious foster children.

It’s insane, how you can create such a bond with a child you don’t even know. ¬†Not only are the children transitioning into your home, you are transitioning your home to be able to properly care for these children.

During little mans journey with us, he has made so many leaps and bounds, in almost all areas of his little life. ¬†He came to us practically non-verbal, not walking (and he was already 14 months old), and screamed/cried to communicate ALL of his wants/needs (because that was the only way he knew how). ¬†And while he still scream/cry, it’s WAY less, and if you ask him what he wants, he now is able to either sign to you, or show you (if the object is out).

He kept us on our toes, for sure.  He would put everything in his mouth (to this day, I still say he is teething.. even 3 months later), he would understand everything you tell him (majority of the time) and would look at you and continue to do it.  He taught us how to be observant of him, at all times (even with three kids).

When you are a child, and you have been separated from everything you knew, and don’t come with anything, you have to make sure that child ¬†has a safe place (a special area, besides the bedroom) that is just theirs. ¬†We let him know that his toys are just his in our house, and if he wanted to share he could (and when he wanted to share with Brielle, he certainly did, so they could have fun playing together). He is also going home with his favorite toys from our house so that he will continue to grow and prosper, and use his imagination.

His case didn’t lead the way we hoped and anticipated it would (reunification with mom and dad), but we know God has him in His hands, and will continue to watch over him each and every day. We hope and pray that the aunt leads him down the right path, and helps him continue to gain independence, grow in his knowledge and skills, and just to live the life he deserves to life.

At 11:00AM today, he will be getting picked up by CPS and being removed from our house, with all of his stuff that we have accumulated over time, sweet cards thanking him for allowing us to take care of him, and a photo book of his time spent with us. We cherished the time he was with us, but we know and understand, it’s time for him to head a different way, and start a new chapter in his life.

Please pray for a good transition for this sweet boy and for our family.kidswalking


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Detour in our journey


This week has definitely been one for the birds.  Quite literally.  Everything that we knew about this foster process, definitely got thrown out the door.  With little mans case they had cancelled visits due to both parents not following the services CPS had laid out for them, and so we just automatically figured that we would have him in our house for at least 6 months.  Well, the legal worker came to my house yesterday, and told me that a home study was approved for little mans aunt, and that he will be removed from our house next week on Wednesday after his MD appointment.

We feel everything at this time. ¬†Happy that he is being reunited with family, sad that he won’t be going back to his mom and dad as planned, wondering if his family will follow all of the strict rules they place on them, and just continuously praying for everyone involved. ¬†His parents, his family, his legal team and all of the CPS working on the case, us during this transitioning period, and of course him.

We pray that he knows how to love, how to use language (signing as well) to  communicate his wants and needs, to share with others, to have fun with other children, and truly remembers what it was like when all of his needs were met.

We also got told that baby girls track (that we thought was leaning towards terminating parental rights), might be changing as well. ¬†We won’t know for sure until the hearing at the end of the month, but this is definitely a huge change in the Johnson household!

We are staying strong in our faith, and knowing that God is placing these precious kids in our lives for a reason, and we are just going to be the best version of ourselves to these kiddos. ¬†We know that there will be more children in our future that we will indeed be able to help, and that’s what we have to look forward to in our future.

Please say a sweet prayer for all involved, that would be greatly appreciated. ♥

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