Hey, Friday! Oh how I needed you!


So we have finished another week, and Friday has come once again! Every week I try to savor every single moment with each one of my kids, but it seems like time just passes and it’s gone! So I wanted to do a little five this Friday recap of how this week went!

1. ) I surprised all my kids on Monday (since they were all off of school) and met my parents at Palmetto State Park (in Luling, Tx) for a picnic at the park and some outdoor fun so that we wouldn’t be cooped up all day, and it was a huge hit for my kids! My parents brought the food and drinks, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing (for the most part, before we got rained out) and we will definitely be going back soon before it gets too hot!

2.) We did “family fishing” with myself and Shane and all the kids (or majority of them anyway. I think my mom had baby girl both times) twice this week!  This kids LOVED having mommy there.. because majority of the time I am at home with the “littles” as we call them (so that I can be cooking dinner, cleaning house, and making sure all night time stuff is ready)so they just adored showing me all of their fishing skills and catching a lot of fish!

3.) We had our monthly visit with CPS and it went as expected.. we have some issues going on with a couple of our children in our house that needed to be addressed, so we will see what actually comes from it.  Other than that, we are SO thankful my parents stayed to help with the kids and entertain them during the visit since there was so much to talk about!

4.) I decided it was a good idea (when I made the appointment) to take all of my boys to dentist on the same day (since the location is over an hour away), and I booked the earliest appointment possible, which was 8am.  Remind me to never do that again, my body naturally woke up at 445am since I was panicked that I was going to miss my alarms an get there late, so it truly made for a long day! My 3 year old didn’t have any cavities, my 6 year old needs to have 3 teeth removed on May 12 (due to abcess that could eventually lead to an infected tooth later on) and we are not looking forward to that! And I was told I have to get a consent signed (foster care regulations) before he can have any form of sedation! Very interesting to know.  My 8 year old doesn’t have great teeth either, and he had to get 1 cavity filled that morning after all the cleanings were done and he did great! I can definitely wait 6 months to do this all again, for sure! (So thankful my Step-Dad came and helped me).

5.) I took the kids on my one day off (the four littles) on an impromptu trip to the zoo in Victoria, Tx and the kids had a blast! No crowds, all animals were awake an roaming around, and they even got chased by some birds (which was so hilarious to watch) and I think it was the best thing we needed after I changed 3 poopy diapers before 9am, I was like “we are getting out of here”! I got some great shots of the animals as well (between coordinating 4 kids and trying to hold a nice camera, I am surprised I got any at all!



Bonus: We are spending this weekend at Nana and Papa’s!! Shane is going on a fishing trip with the boys and I very rarely get to spend time with my parents (they spend a lot of time helping me with the kids,  but it’s just not the same) and I am so happy that I get to do that! I am looking forward to some garage sales, nap times, great food, and better yet.. no cleaning (ok I still do that at their house, but you know what I mean..)!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope to see you all soon again (rather than later.. with 6 kids, it might just be later).

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Guess which one


Happy Friday everyone!

I had such an eventful week, that I thought I would end it with a fun game of guess which personality description matches which child! I  will give you the age and the gender, and the rest is up for guessing!

⊗ Girl- 7 months

⊗ Boy- 2 years

⊗ Girl- 3 years

⊗ Boy- 5 years

⊗ Boy- 7 years

  1.  This child loves to learn, has quite the personality (sometimes good/sometimes bad), and is so loved by many!
  2. This child is really laid back, spends a ton of time in the car, and definitely reaching different milestones each day.
  3. This child is so sweet, such a good listener, and is so good at school.
  4. This child definitely remembers to much of the past, wants to be the leader at all things, and loves to be praised.
  5. This child has the most stunning eyes, has a cute little accent, and loves to have someone to play with!

Let me know what you all think!! I love each child so deeply and I couldn’t imagine our family without one of them! The pieces of the puzzle wouldn’t be complete.

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5 facts you might not know

shane (1)

  1. His middle is Lamar.  That’s why our firstborn was named after him.  I will forever cherish and love that Lamar carried his Daddy’s name with him, right to heaven.  RIP Lamar Grant Johnson 07-14-2012.
  2. He was born and raised in Yoakum, and has never lived anywhere else (Besides 2 years in college, but then came back home every summer).
  3. He has been at the same job, for nine years now.  NINE! That’s insane.  And pretty dang incredible, if you ask me! I admire his hard work and determination and I myself have never had a full time job (yes, worked 2 part time jobs that equal full time hours) and can’t imagine doing something day in, day out for nine years.
  4. That some of his top favorite shows to watch are Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, WWE, and Orange Is The New Black.
  5. That he has a chipped front tooth. He was riding a moped with his cousin, and hit a drip in the driveway, flew off and fell face first and chipped his tooth. He has had multiple replacements, and they always fall off, so they he has been rocking the “chipped tooth” look for years now!


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Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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5 Usborne Books

5 books

A little while ago, I attended my first Usborne books and more party that my friend hosted and I loved it! I bought a couple of books that Brielle became quickly obsessed with, and I knew I had to host a party of my own, so I could get more books (for free)!

I loved every minute of my online party (and even though I have not signed up to become a consultant, I still will gladly promote their product), and I can’t wait to share with you the free books that Brielle and I picked out together for her learning time!

Learning is such an essential part of life and it’s so important for children to love to read/be read to, because this is what they are going to be doing for the first 18+ years of their life.  Reading challenges a toddler, builds a foundation for success, and a love for learning.

(If you want to find more information about Usborne books and more, you can always message Katie N. and tell her I sent you!) 🙂

Here are Brielle’s top 5 picks and a little bit about each:

This book has such cute graphic and is so age appropriate with Brielle. She loves the flap books!
This book is all about problem solving and puzzles.  It’s amazing.
Brielle gets a little nervous about going to the Dentist, so this is the perfect book to talk about what all happens to other children as they go as well!
This book is so much fun because you can actually take band-aids off and stick them on the characters. It’s adorable!
This is a book that she will learn how to read herself pretty soon, it’s simple use of words will be perfect for her to learn off of!
All 5 books!

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Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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