Wisdom removed.

FINALLY had my wisdom teeth removed and it definitely was NOT as bad as I anticipated for it to be! The horror stories that I have heard, would have scared anyone!

My surgery time was scheduled for 9am, and since I didn’t get back there until about 915am due to his other surgeries running late, I knew mine would probably would be rushed so that he wouldn’t run too late on his other surgeries…

Well, fast forward 30 more mins after I had been brought in the room, AND 7 IV sticks later (it took 3 different RN’s to start my IV, I am indeed a very hard stick like I told the first one), the game was ready to get started.

I honestly only remember talking to the dentist briefly before my procedure and I remember I asked the nurses prior to starting to get a print-up of my report and all four of my wisdom teeth (yes, I am a kid at heart at times), and they agreed, and everything else after that was  blur until they woke me up (about 40 mins later) and told me everything was done and that I needed to stand up to go walk to meet my parents outside.

At this time, things were getting more clear, but I couldn’t say a word since my mouth was packed with gauze and it made it hard to understand me (but I definitely still tried to talk) but I looked around to my moms van to see my teeth and she said they hadn’t given them to her and so she went inside and asked for them and they said I didn’t say anything about keeping them and they were already discarded (damn!) and they hadn’t given her all the surgery paperwork like I had asked either and so I will be getting that when I return for my 1 week follow-up appointment.

We left to go to Walgreens to pick up my two pescriptions (one for Ibuprofen 800mg tab and 1 for Norco 5-325 mg tab), and I rested off and on and by the time the medication was going to be ready, I was ready to go into Walgreens and purchase salt and bottled water, and take my gauze out in the restroom and rinse out my mouth.  It felt like I kept swallowing and swallowing blood, but I knew I had to wait at least 2 hours before removing the initial gauze that they had placed in my mouth during surgery.

I can honestly say after coming home, doing another mouth rinse, eating soup and croissant rolls (they were super soft) I took my pain medication at the allotted time  took a nice peaceful 2 hour nap with Brielle and then Shane came home to take care Brielle out for a while so I could have a little more “down time” to myself to recover, but as I right this blog post, 10 hours post-op, I must admit I am starting to feel wayyyy better! The swelling has gone down tremendously and the pain seems to be well-managed by the medicine.

I am definitely happy that I finally got my 4 wisdom teeth removed (even though it was a whopping $1,741) because I have no dental insurance, it was well worth it.

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To buy..what and where?


When Shane and I first started our home-buying process last August, we didn’t know where to start.  We finally had enough money in our savings to get started and weren’t quite sure what all of our options were.

Once we started looking at houses in and around our area, we were just never really “satisfied” with all that some had to offer.  Some had enough space (but did not use it well) and other houses had a great backyard with a tiny house (with not a lot of square footage). We weren’t finding what we wanted, in the price range that we wanted, so we started to look at other options that didn’t involve buying a house in town, with a lot of neighbors.

Shane’s Dad has a lot of family land, that he has always talked about how cool it would be if one of his kids put a house on some of the acres.  Well, to tell you the truth, we  never considered purchasing a mobile home only a few times, if any at all, so we really didn’t know what all was involved in literally starting from scratch on an empty piece of land.

The more we started looking around/research/talk about building a house, the more it started to look like it required more and more money.  All in all, they wanted about 12,000 just to have in our bank account, to put down before getting started in the building process, with a lot of extra money needed to cover other expenses as well. Well, that thought definitely went out the window, just about as quickly as it came in, and we were left feeling like the only option we really had, was to buy a mobile home.

We quickly knew there had to be a LOT of work to even think about putting a house on the land. This land had never been lived on, and we would drive through it on the 4 wheeler, but never actually spent time or work on the land.

We decided to just start researching companies in and around our surrounding area, asking friends and family who they used, and just overall wanted to work with a great, trust-worthy company in the beginning, the first time around, to prevent more mistakes/problems from happening.

We both agreed to pray about it, and then just go check out Clayton Homes in Seguin, Texas, to see what all they had to offer and check out some of the sample houses(I would go first with Brielle, since Shane couldn’t take off work) and then agreed that the next time he would definitely go with me.

Let’s just say walking through those tall, black framed glass doors, was the day our lives forever changed..


To be continued..

Images by Manufactured Homes and Buyerlink

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

Be still, my heart

Never would I thought the day

would come that you and I would be

laying on the floor in our new house.

No air conditioner, no electric, no running water.

But with that, comes no complaints.

You are enjoying running throughout

new house and exploring everything.

Our bodies lay next to each other on our new floor

with wind whistling through the windows.

With faint train noises, in the background.

It’s just you and I.

Our breathing in sync, our eyes locked,

taking in each and every precious moment.

I hoped this moment would last forever,

a smile broke on on my face, as I was truly living.

The words “you’re silly mommy” came out of your mouth,

and for a moment, I got lost in the world of you.

I love you, my sweet Brielle.


You know that moment when

you first lay your eyes on him.

That feeling that comes from within

that you have no control over.

You want to say something

but you don’t know how he is going to react.

The moment that you can literally

feel your heart thumping out of your chest.

Your cheeks start to get red

and you suddenly feel all the blood rushing to your head.

An attraction so hard that

you can’t take your eyes of him.

That’s the moment I experienced

when I first met him.

That’s what you call, butterflies.