That silver necklace

That silver necklace you see

hanging from my neck,

is not just any regular piece of jewelry.

It tells a story,

of a precious little girl.

A little girl who had life,

and a battle to fight

since the day she entered this world.

A story of a girl with a terminal diagnosis,

and lived for two months and 1 day.

A story of a daughter, sister, and friend to many.

This silver necklace, is a bond that connects many parents,

who have lost a child of their own.

This silver necklace has life, a meaning,

and a story to be told,

and will never be just an ordinary piece of jewelry.


R.I.P Rochelle Elaine Johnson 11/6/2014-1/07/2015

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved

Today’s the day


Today is the final day of our foster/adoption classes.  It’s such a bittersweet ending because we got to know a great couple along the way, and had a great instructor (Udonna Williams) that we will miss dearly!

To say we have been through a  little LOT in these past few weeks, would be an understatement.  We haven’t even driven this much, this often, ever (around 180 miles daily) and getting home around 11:30pm on average, has been taken it’s toll. But one thing that we recognized is that we have become stronger, pushed our limits further than ever before, and realized a whole new “reality” out there that is just waiting for us to explore.

Shane and I have heard so many things from other people (mostly positive, thank you to those people), but some words of advice opinions have not been nice, to say the least.  Of course everyone is entitled to their doubts, fears,  and worries about what our future may hold or how this may affect Brielle, but have you ever thought that we thought about this, way before you did?  We prayed and we waited for God to show us when is the right time to open this door into an unknown world.  We can’t predict the future, but we do know that we will try our hardest to  make sure that we always remember to put God first, and everything else will just fall into place.

We are beyond excited to finish this paperwork journey (if you remember my post here where we first talked about this journey, then you’d be surprised to know that we only have another home visit/inspection and our home study to be completely ready) and actually get to open our doors to another child and share all that we can with them.  Just to either be that bright light that got them through a dark period so they can be re-unified with their family, or to be that additional blessing in our family and add to the Johnsons, is all in Gods hands, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

I hope you definitely stay along for the ride of our lives, and if you ever want to find me to connect on any social media platforms, you can always find me here:




©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

Adventures in Nana-Land

If you talked to my daughter for a few minutes, you would quickly find out how much she loves her Nana AND her Papa! She has so much love and admiration for them both, that Shane and I have never had to worry about her, when she is with them!

Every time they take her for the day/overnight, they find somehow/someway to take her to do something fun.  Whether it’s going out to eat breakfast, go swimming, take her to the library, or find something fun in the surrounding cities that would be new and exciting for her!

Just in these last two weeks, they have had quite the good time with her, so I wanted to post some of their latest adventures, on here! Enjoy!

Playing Connect Four
Exploring the Dino Park with Aunt Sylvia
T-Rex, RAWR!
Fun with Nana!
Loved riding in and pushing around the wagon!
Picking out a book to read
Story time at the San Marcos Library
Park fun!! This is definitely something that speaks straight to her heart! 
She got Aunt Sylvia to put make-up on her for first time, HA! Silly girl!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

This past month/season has brought about so many new and different emotions this year.  This is the first year that I have ever gotten involved in reading/doing the advent calendar/activities, and have read so much of the Bible, and truly appreciate and understand so much more than ever before.

This season also brought about new mixed feelings when it comes to Rochelle.  It’s so crazy to think that just one simple year ago, we were in the hospital waiting, hoping, and praying for good news that we could go home and enjoy the new year at home, as a family of four.  As I am growing in my relationship with the Lord, I am realizing that He gave us everything we had prayed for. He gave us healing, and comfort, and time.  He gave us undying strength, love, and affection.  He truly did give us everything we needed, at the exact time we needed it.

One of my favorite verses from the Advent series, that explains exactly how I feel, is when Elizabeth was speaking to Mary in Luke 1:39-45 and said

You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what He said.

Over this past year, our daily nighttime family prayers have become more deeper, and more meaningful than they ever were.  We are reminded daily from Luke 1:12 that

God has heard your prayers.

IMG_2632We are forever thankful for the birth of Jesus, and of the angel that spoke to Mary, the virgin, and told her in Luke 1:35 that

the baby will be born Holy, and he will be called the Son of God.

I truly think that Brielle and I both benefited from exploring more into the birth of Jesus, and doing the daily coloring activities, which allowed us to explore deeper into an understanding of what I was reading.  I loved the fun baking activities, and I think our most favorite one, was when we got to donate to Ronald McDonald, Toys for Tots, and the Salvation Army.

We must never forget that time spent with our loved ones making memories, praying, and serving others is what will last forever, and truly that is what this entire season/holiday is all about.

**To learn more about Advent, and which journey I decided to embark on this year, click here.  I was so amazed by how  much time/effort Kara-Kae put into making a printable, that us moms(families) could use with our kids and teach them every day more about Jesus.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Johnsons