My Spot

Doesn’t everyone have that one place that just seems to make everything disappear?  That is truly how I feel like my special spot.

When I first met my husband, I hated this place.  I did not like the smell, the dirt, just the outdoors in general.  I wasn’t until I actually appreciated living in my little town, that I started to like going to this place.

If you are driving out of my little town, you would head down all the way to one very bumpy country road, until you reach my destination on the left side of the road.  You will drive down a good ways on another bumpy gravel path, until you reach several large oak trees.

When I first started to understand the glory and beauty of this spot, I fell in LOVE with it!  I love driving out there, imagining what life would be like out in the country.  Away from people, away from all the noise of living by the High School, and the football field, and just have the sounds of nature surround you every day.

Dreaming over the years of God providing a way for my husband and I to put our first house, on this special spot. This year, God found a way to help make this dream of mine happen.  I will be blogging, reading, and writing from my spot one day.