Brielle’s two year check-up!

Brielle’s two year check-up!

When we scheduled Brielle’s two year check-up, they didn’t have another opening until after her birthday, and I didn’t realize how much Brielle would grow and change in the month after her birthday! It was crazy, and exciting at the same time.

I tried during the 18 month appointment to practice a lot, and warn her with what was to be expected at the appointment, and that definitely did NOT work, so this two year well check I knew that we should probably just tell her that we are going to a well-check and leave out the fact that she had to get 1 shot.

During the initial weigh in, height, and head circumference check, Brielle did horrible! You would have thought we were hurting her or something with the way she was yelling and crying( FYI, Brielle does not like to be touched by people she doesn’t know), so Shane and I just gave each other “the look” knowing what we had to brace ourselves with during the actual visit with the Dr. and when he has to get her vitals, do his assessment, etc. We tried to play games, read books, and make light of the situation but once he (her MD) walked in, she said “NO!” and wouldn’t even let him listen to her heart (which I practice and play with her all the time at the house), or check her ears, so we had to hold our poor precious girl down just to get that done.  It was so sad to see her to scared, but that just goes to show you that she rarely (ok, never) goes to see him, except every 6 months (thank goodness) so she only associates him with bad things that happen to her every time.  He looked over her chart and said her weight is great (in the 75%-close to 30lb but had a pull up and clothes on) and height is still going up (37 in. and 95%) and her head circumference is just fine (still 50%).  He said he heard how much she was talking and her knowledge of numbers, colors, and animals was great when he was outside our door before he walked in and so he stated that he didn’t have any concern with a speech delay, or language impairment.  He was very happy with her overall and he said we had to finish up the Hep B series shot (this was her last one of the series) and he didn’t really see any concern at all with her at this time and that our next appointment will be when she is 2 1/2! Crazy!  She then got her shot (screamed bloody murder) and then we left and she stopped crying immediately when we walked out of the room to book our next appointment.

After that appointment, we went out to eat at Olive Garden, then went to the mall to shop around for a little bit and score some great deals, and then of course had to make a pit stop at Academy (Shane’s all time favorite place) and picked up a couple of things (such as a new work bag for me for only $13)before heading home.  It was a fun day and she was not in pain at all from the shot (thank goodness) and had fun shopping and looking at everything.

She is so fun to shop with now, because she definitely has mommy’s taste in nice purses/accessories.   Right when we walked into T.J Maxx, she found this gorgeous Michael Kors purse and brought it over to Shane and told him how it was so cute and adorable and she loved it. LOL! He looked at the price tag, and very nicely told her to put that back on the rack and look for something for “affordable” (needless to say, she did not leave with a purse, but he did compromise to buy her some lip gloss that was on clearance for $3) .

It was a great family day and I am glad Shane took off of work in the afternoon so that he could spend it with us! Love the little moments all of us get to go out together and have fun. 🙂

I wish I had taken more pictures during the appointment (but I am sure you can tell why I didn’t really have my hands free, lol!) Oh and sorry about all the glare and blurriness in these pics!

Loving on Daddy!
Loving on Daddy!
Mommy's turn!
Mommy’s turn!
talking to herself in the mirror! :)
talking to herself in the mirror! 🙂
Of course once we got back from a full day and it was pretty late, we still had to take the dogs on a walk to get those 10,000 steps in! :)
Of course once we got back from a full day and it was pretty late, we still had to take the dogs on a walk to get those 10,000 steps in! 🙂