DIY picture frame

DIY picture frame

I remember back in the day, when I was in Elementary school, we made little picture frames out of popsicle sticks, and I wanted to re-create that with my little toddler!

Here are all of the supplies you will need:

  • crayons
  • popsicle sticks
  • beads of any sort
  • stickers/decorations
  • hot glue gun (to make sure it sticks as well)
  • a picture cut to fit the sticks

-First, I let Brielle color the sticks any colors she wanted (front and back)

-Next, I took the glue gun and glued all of the sticks together in the corners and added the beads on top with hot glue and then let that dry

-Then, I let Brielle place little stickers and decorations all around the sticks

-Finally, I let her help me cut the picture to the correct size, and I hot glued it to the back of the frame, let it dry, and it was complete



So easy, and so fun! Brielle and I used this craft as a learning time experience practicing colors, shapes, and improving her fine motor skills.

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Non-traditional Valentines Gift

Non-traditional Valentines Gift

Some people like the traditional flowers and chocolate gifts, which is completely fine if that is what you prefer, but sometimes changing things up is a pleasant surprise!

This year for Valentines, I will give you a couple of ideas, and the supplies you will need, to make your special someone happy!

First and foremost, you must know a little about that special person you are buying your gift for.  In this case, their favorite wine, or alcoholic beverage (a non-alcoholic beverage works as well), and their favorite restaurants are needed. You will need a string (or something you can use to attach the gift card to the restaurant) to tie on the bottle itself, and a permanent marker to write a special note on the card.

And that’s it (You might want to make your own card with a sweet little note as well and place the gift card inside that card if you prefer).  Literally SUPER easy, effective, and you get a date-night out of the deal as well at their favorite restaurant! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!!

Here is what I did:


©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

Crafting time with Brielle~

Crafting time with Brielle~

This crafting project started out with a great garage sale deal $20 for a big dresser with a mirror! I knew right away, that it would be the perfect dresser (with a LOT of work) for Brielle’s new room!

I didn’t know how to get started, or what I was planning on doing with anything.  I was looking at ALL of these painting projects on pinterest, and was easily getting WAY too overwhelmed with how much paint/materials/time it took to complete a project, the size of a dresser.

I never get “free time” away from Brielle, when I am at home, so I know I had to do something that could involve her, and was fairly easy!

For the supplies I used:

-Crimson Acrylic Chalk Paint

-Crimson Chalk Paint brush (pretty expensive! $10)

-Krylon Fusion black gloss spray paint

-Zebra colored fabric for the re-upholstering of the chair (1 yard was on sale at Walmart!)

First, I took everything apart! (Took the mirror off of the back, all of the pull out drawers out, took all of the hardware off).

Then decided to start on the dresser first, and paint everything (with the help of an eager toddler) that I could after I thoroughly cleaned it (it was an old dresser and very dirty).  Next off, was the mirror.  I painted the outside of the mirror, without having to take the glass off–SCORE).

The next morning  after cleaning all of the drawers (when Brielle was distracted doing something inside), I spray-painted the drawers, and all the hardware. It was not as hard I thought, but it took a while to dry outside.

After everything was dry (so we thought!), we took the furniture to the new house, and I focused on reupholstering the chair (which was not fun!), and finished painting it, and I must say, the final product doesn’t look half bad!



For this project, I just used a screwdriver to unscrew the chair, and re-used the nails that were in the bottom of the chair already.  Not hard, just time-consuming!
At the time, it was missing a hardware piece for the top right drawer, but it now has one! 🙂 Oh and gotta love the paint stain on the new carpet! (I will try REALLY hard today to get it out)

While it definitely is FAR from perfect, I must say with a couple of layers of chalk paint, it definitely made a TREMENDOUS difference in the look of this dresser, and I am so GLAD she now she has in her new room.  And she will be able to show off to people how she painted it “with mommy”.




Crafting corner with Brielle!

Crafting corner with Brielle!

This is my first crafting series that I am starting, that I will now call it “crafting corner with Brielle”.  This will most likely take places on Sunday, so that I can compile all of the fun crafts that we did during the week(s).

Brielle is so funny to do crafts with, because she LOVES to gather all of the supplies, sit down on her little table that we use for her “learning time”, and she is just so eager to get started.  Well, that lasts for a few minutes until something is taking a bit longer than she was thinking it would in her head, lol!

This week I am going to discuss crafting with paint (without getting dirty!), how to make a picture collage without tape, and “spicing” up a picture frame with a message! 🙂

The first craft all you will is: A mason jar with a lid, dry pinto beans (about 5 of them), 1 piece of crafting paper or a piece of paper, and paint (only using a few drops)

First, you will fold the paper into 4 pieces, and cut 1/4 the paper, or small enough to fit into the side of your mason jar.


Then you will add the paint on the bottom of the jar and the pinto beans on top of that.


You will put the cover on, and shake it up (Brielle LOVED this part, but her shake wasn’t quite strong enough, so mommy had to finish that part) and pull it out and set it to dry! It’s so easy and SO fun!

IMG_0879Brielle’s little creation!

For the next craft, you need a board or a place to put all of your pictures on, scissors, modge podge, pictures, and a brush to smooth out the modge podge.


First, we cut the pictures in different sizes and put the pictures on the board to see what would fit right. (we did a sister board, so we collected all the pictures of her and Rochelle.)


Then you will rub modge podge on both the bottom of the picture, and the place where you are putting it on the board, until all of the pictures are in the correct place and you will wait 20 mins for them to dry.


Once the bottom is dry, you will rub one more (thin) layer of modge podge over the top surface of the pictures and wait 20 mins for it to dry, and you are done! 🙂


The next and final craft is “spicing” up a regular photograph when gifting someone with a picture! 🙂

For this craft I used: A picture frame that you can write on the outside edges, spray paint, ribbon for the bow, permanent marker, and solid paint for stripes if you prefer, a glue gun, and a small yarn to glue to the back of the frame.

IMG_0894 Made the bow and then spray painted the frame gold, and placed the picture in the center of it after it had dried.

IMG_0899 I then super glued the bow to the top of the frame and then painted the line on the top of the frame.

IMG_0905 I painted on the front of the frame, and wrote a couple of things on the sides of the frames for my parents.

IMG_0904I glued the yarn to the back so that they can hang up the picture, and I wrote a little note to them on the back.

I hope all of the crafts were easy enough to understand.  I am MORE than happy to explain anything more in depth with you as well, if you have any questions!

I had so much creating these crafts with my daughter, and I hope you will have some fun as well! 🙂