Talking about parenting with your partner-section 11

In this section, Sara talks about how you should talk about parenting with your partner.

Parenting literally takes an army, but one of the most important people included in that army, should be your spouse.  Shane and I have both agreed and disagreed on many parts during this parenting journey.

Speaking with each other and being on the same page, is a task to accomplish, but it is so important!  Our two year old little girl, picks up on everything and she totally tries to work both of us to get what she wants.

One major topic that we discussed early on was whether or not to put Brielle in daycare.  After a WHILE of talking/thinking/praying about it, we chose to not put her in daycare, and have my parents babysit while I was working.  To this day, that is still how it works out, and we couldn’t be more blessed!

Another recent major topic, that we are not FULLY set on yet (more because of my reservations), is to homeschool or not.  I write a blog post (here) about which is best between public vs homeschool, and I love different aspects about them both.  I am just going to continue to teach Brielle new stuff each week,  expand her knowledge and experiences, and teach her as much as I can throughout her life!

While no two people can be perfect, we can always strive to be better versions of ourselves!  May this next year bring new experiences and more joy than ever before!




Roadblocks to connection- Section 10

Roadblocks to connection- Section 10

In section 10, Rachel talks about some some major roadblocks to connection with our children.

What do you dedicate most of your time to? Does it align with what you want to prioritise? Do your children feel like your priority? What distractions do you feel you could reduce or remove to better use your time?

When I think of roadblocks, I immediately think of technology.  I feel like the advancement we have now in 2015, is WAY better than what I grew up on.  My family had one computer that we had to share, that was SO slow, and we somehow all made it work.

Fast-forward to now, and Brielle uses my Samsung Note Tablet that she calls “hers” daily.  I used to use this for a while to keep her distracted on all of the fun games I downloaded, but now she LOVES netflix and youtube.  I can’t believe how my 2 year knows how to work the tablet better than me, at times!

Rachel asks us parents to answer some questions, which will allow us to take a better look at some problems that might exist, when it comes to connecting with our kids. Here is my response:

  1. Most of my time is dedicated to Brielle.  I spend every moment I am not working with her, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  She is only this age once, and after everything we have been through, we know that Brielle would definitely benefit from having more time with us, rather than less.
  2. Yes, it aligns with what I am prioritizing.  She is my biggest/highest priority, and if she is happy and content, then I am doing an “okay” job as a mom! Shane and I have always put our marriage first, and then children second, and we have Brielle pretty high up on both of our priority lists.
  3. Of course all of my children are my priority.  Even Lamar and Rochelle in Heaven.  I take time out each day to talk to them, say a prayer for them both, and just make sure that they know they are loved each and every day.  Brielle knows that she can do everything that I am doing (whether it’s cooking, crafting, or taking pictures), and I will not turn down her willingness to be involved.
  4. I feel that removing her time from her tablet, and just having more one on one communication would benefit us both.  She loves to talk, and I love to listen, so it seems like the perfect solution.  I have also minimized the time she spends watching t.v, and since we now live out in the country, I like to occupy her time by going outside and experiencing the beauty of nature and all that it has to offer.




Everday Connection-section 8

In this section, Rachel talks about how important it is just to have an everyday connection with your child.

  • Is your child particularly affectionate?
  • Do they enjoy talking out their thoughts?
  • What are they interested in which you can participate in or encourage them in?

I do feel that me and Brielle have an amazing connection.  It’s just something about a mother and a daughter that is just unbreakable.  I love the relationship I have with my mom, and through thick and thin, she has always been there for me.  I only hope that Brielle and I can continue the closeness that we do have, and develop it into a lifelong friendship.

  •  The answer to the first answer is yes.  She is amazingly affectionate towards those that she loves.  I love the way she loves me and our family.  She also is crazy affectionate (kisses, hugs, holds hands) with her close friends that she calls her “best friend”.
  • The answer to the second is also a yes.  She LOVES to talk, to anything and everything.  All.Day.Long.  I don’t think she is really “quiet” unless she is napping, or has her paci in her mouth randomly.  I love finding out each and every day what she is thinking, learning, and how much her brain is expanding into forming memories, and making new ones.
  • The third answer is her toys, babies, and puzzles..  Brielle particularly loves to play “pretend” with her babies (feed them, change them, cuddle them), but she also loves to figure things out.  She loves when Shane and I watch her do something “new” on her own, and lately that has been to figure out new pieces of the 63 piece puzzle that go together.  Since she is an only child, spending one on one with either one of us, means SO much to her, and I have to remember to really make more of an effort to do that more often!

I love this 30 days connected series, and I can’t wait to do the last few sections!


Love the two of them SO much!