Quit complaining

Those who know me,  know that I LOVE to work out and go to the gym.   I try many new and different classes but started getting comfortable with the same workout classes (step, circuit training),  and even though those classes still allowed me to get sore I just wasn’t seeing the results that I was as hoping  for.  (I still love those classes with Christy Fojt)
I started training to run my first 5k in December and I was up to 2 miles running and bam,  my left knee just started acting up,  slowly but surely it kept getting worse and worse.  I knew I just had to stop training and do something different.
When I noticed different women getting amazing results working out with Brenda Coleman the personal trainer who works at my gym and  definitely needed a lot of new different workouts that were light pressure on my left knee but still gave me the results I’ve been wanting and looking for.
I joined Brenda Coleman the first Tuesday of this year and it has been amazing!!  She had three different packages and I chose the 12 week plan. I am not the type of person to complain during my workouts but immediately she was pushing me to harder and more difficult levels that I have never been too.  Every single workout I have been constantly saying “this hurts”  and “I can’t do this” and not giving my all but today I decided I was going to quit complaining and stay positive during the entire workout.  I loved it because I gave my all and my trainer said “wow,  no complaining and you did amazing!!”
That opened my eyes and I noticed that staying positive and giving my maximum effort is going to get me better results and it makes the workouts so much more enjoyable!!  I am going to stay positive and finish these last 5 weeks strong!!