11 years down…

I cannot believe Shane and I have been dating for 11 years!! Where in the WORLD has all the time gone??

So much as happened that I feel like I want to take a trip down memory lane for my lovely readers!

2005- The year we met and became “official”, I was a little 16 year old teenager, and he was the “older man” (lol), 17, and about to graduate HS.

2006-I drove 5 hours to go visit Shane at Cisco Junior college and spent the night in the boys dorms.. um gross! lol

2007-I graduated HS, went to Shane’s first family reunion (and was SO overwhelmed by the amount of people in his family).

2008- Still doing our long-distance relationship, and met up more times this year and than ever before.

2009- We got engaged a week before I turned 21, and realized that romantic dates involving kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boats, were not so fun.

2010- We got married!! 10-10-10!

2011-We got pregnant with Lamar!

2012- We lost our precious baby boy.. 07-14-2012. I also graduated RN school 12-12-12.

2013- We welcomed our baby girl Brielle 06-14-2013.

2014- We welcomed our precious Rochelle 11-06-2014 and she passed away 1-07-2015.

2015- We bought our first house!

2016- We got certified/approved to foster/adopt!

We actually just got through with our 3 hour home study!! Hopefully everything went well, and we will be adding to the Johnson family soon!! 🙂

We have been through so much in our lives,  but we have remained together through thick and thin because God has a plan for the both of us, and our lives together.  We were meant to be together, and take this journey through life with one another.

Please join us in prayer as we leap into this journey with foster or adoption and open our hearts to help another child in need.

Beautiful flowers Shane got me!! 🙂
Family love!
Daddy/Daughter love!


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Pink and Gold


This past Friday, Shane and I got invited to go out with a few of our friends.  Shane and I decided to open our Christmas gifts to each other early that night, since Brielle was with my parents for the night, and we both wanted to know what each of us got! 🙂

Well, I have been wanting Kendra Scott earrings for the longest, and Shane gifted me, with the perfect pair.  They are beautiful!  I knew I had to wear these beauties out, so that was my focal point for my outfit choice!

I LOVE pink and gold together, so I knew that was what I was going to go with.  Here is all what made the earrings, look that much better!  I wore a black and gold glitter top, and black tights. 🙂

  1. First and foremost, the right pair of earrings make such a difference in a look! Especially when you have short hair like me!  I have the pink and gold medium-sized Kendra Scott earrings.
  2. The right shade of lipstick is a must! I paired my outfit with NYX, Summer Breeze, matte lipstick! It stayed on the entire night as well! 🙂
  3. Blush is something that is extra, and most people don’t have to wear any, but it really does make such a difference in your overall look! And it makes your cheeks standout! I chose the elf blush, in a light pink shade.
  4. When it comes to your eyes, you want them to stand-out, but not too much.  I love my glitter palette eye-shadow by wet-n-wild, but a little goes a long way! I used the pink one for the night! I also love the Maybelline-Stiletto liquid liner, since it literally does not smudge or move, all night.  To top it off, I used the Stila huge mascara, and it makes my eyes POP!
  5. I usually don’t paint my nails, but this night I chose to go with a pink bottom coat, and a glitter (snooki brand) top coat.  I loved the turn-out and it blended really well together!
  6. To complete my look, I finished it off with my rose-gold Betsey Johnson watch which I absolutely LOVE!


Here is everything together!




What are some of your favorite looks when you go out? I would love to know!


two and a half!

I cannot believe that Brielle is 2 1/2, as of yesterday.  When I told her that it was her “official” half birthday, since we have been telling her she’s 2 1/2 for a little while now, I think she expected some kind of big celebration.. or maybe just a balloon!

So much has happened within the past 6 months with her brain expanding so much, and her knowledge has grown exponentially. She understands so much, that I forget at times, that she is just only two! This little girl is literally like a sponge, and loves to learn.  She loves to be taught new things, and gets frustrated when she is working so hard to get something right, and it doesn’t work.

I would definitely say that she is fully potty-trained at home, and in public.. well that’s a different story! The distractions everywhere, I think prevents her from telling me when she has to go, unless I am the first one to initiate the suggestion.  She loves to “do it myself” and at times, doesn’t like me going behind her to make sure she is really clean. We’ll get there soon!

Here are some stats of this precious girl!

Weight: 30 pounds (finally!), naked on home scale

Shoe size: 8/9 shoes! She loves to wear “princess shoes” and dresses and pretend she is a princess ALL the time lol!

Likes/loves: -Anything to do with vanilla ice cream.  I swear this girl could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we let her! She still loves to dance, and perform! Any time she hears music with a beat, it’s like it has to come of her body and she must move! It’s entertaining, for sure! She still loves her paci’s.. I mean, like there is no way I see us getting rid of them right now.  Well, she has lost a few to discipline lately, but still has about 3/4 of them hanging around.

Dislikes: -having Shane do anything for her.  “no, mommy do it!” has got be painted on our walls somewhere.  No changing her, taking her potty (unless she tells him that she will “do it myself!” Oh and she also recently has started to get mad at our cat, Oscar when he walks away from her and is done playing! She started crying because he hurt her feelings when he did that.. so precious.

Teeth: 18 teeth. 2 year molars are officially making their way into her mouth!

Diapers: Size 6 luvs during naps/bedtime and undies/pull-ups during the day.

Language: We have been signing to keep up with her skill, so she doesn’t lose it, and she still loves it.  She stutters when she says “thank you” and recently told me that sometimes it’s hard for her to say, so I told her to sign it to people, and if I am around, I will definitely let them know what it means, so she doesn’t have to struggle when saying those words.  It’s interesting.. she will only stutter when she is thinking of too many things at once and she is not focused, or she is really tired, or it will just happen out of nowhere.

Other than that, she speaks really well.  We haven’t hard too many people say that they couldn’t understand her, but sometimes she doesn’t know a particular word, or says it a little different, and will show you something else to help describe it, so we understand it better.  Very smart, coming from a 2 year old!  I love that her vocabulary has expanded so much, and one of my recent favorite words that she is uses is “inappropriate”.  I have definitely said that before!

I can’t believe how far she has come in these past 6 months, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Can someone PLEASE stop time (minus the attitude–LOL!).  My baby is no longer a baby and she will even tell me “I am a big girl now, not a baby anymore”. 😉 Gotta love my two and a HALF year old!

Here are some pictures from the last 6 months!