Basic Invite, anyone?

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Every year, I am always looking for that one stop shop to where I order the “perfect” birthday card for Brielle.  I usually end up just settling for something, instead of really get what I am looking for.

I finally found the perfect solution–Basic Invite.  This shop is seriously amazing.  They recently added a stationary line, and I couldn’t wait to get started with my order!  Because we don’t have any major events coming up, I ordered some cards that could work with us and with some of our friends that are expecting!

This shop offers a card for every type of occasion from:

  • baby showers
  • births/welcome new baby
  • weddings
  • announcements
  • graduation
  • holidays
  • birthdays…and many more!

Their cards are easy to choose, easy to customize, order, and have it delivered right to your door.  I would definitely suggest that everyone at least try purchasing one card, and let me know if you like/love it! They did not disappoint me at all with their colors, patterns, and multiple options for customization.



(The reason why I blurred the information is because I do not want to give away personal information)

The cards are the perfect size, with envelopes that fit with the different shape/sizes of the cards. They are very strong, sturdy, and durable made with great quality that will last a lifetime!

I love Basic Invite and I am so glad we teamed up together and I got some amazing invitations/cards for our family and our friends!

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Happy 4th birthday, Lamar!

Today marks our son, Lamar Grant Johnsons 4th heavenly birthday.  We love him and miss him dearly, and can’t imagine how he is celebrating up in heaven.  We know that he is celebrating with his baby sister, Rochelle and I am sure they are having the TIME of their lives.  We took the night to say prayer (like we do each and every day over Lamar and Rochelle), do a balloon release and celebrate with some cupcakes!  Please give all your babies 4 extra kisses or hugs tonight as they go to bed! That’s exactly what we would be doing!


Birthday Celebrations!
Our big boy turned 4!! 🙂
Precious sweet balloons
His balloons flying high in the sky
His footprint is always on my heart

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To my love, happy 29th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Babe

Shane’s birthday was on May 31st and I never got the chance to finish and publish this post that I wrote, so here it is:

To my love,

Thank you for everything you have done for the past 11 years.  I don’t know how I could have gotten through being bullied when I was just 15/16, without you.  You literally just came into my life at 16 and picked up all of my missing puzzle pieces.  You fit into my crazy, chaotic of a puzzle just right.  I loved you from the very first night we met, and I will never forget how nervous you were with your red cheeks being around me!

Thank you for pushing me in life, from changing a career from teaching to nursing (knowing that I had no real clue what I wanted to do/where I wanted to work), you stood right next to me and supported me 100%.  You gave me everything you had to help me through nursing school, and I couldn’t thank you more.

Thank you for being the father that I always knew you would be.  I didn’t know that day that we were told Lamar was “incompatible with life” that my love for you would grow deeper than ever.  We made the hardest decision of our life, and we made it together. You beside me, through thick and thin. Watching you there through Brielle’s birth and just watching you with her, made me heart melt and she is definitely going to be your fishing buddy for life!  When Rochelle was born, it was just me and you in the room, and you encouraged me the entire labor to go all natural and that’s exactly what I did.  You were amazing, and through every single day she was here with us, you never missed a beat.  You learned everything so fast on how to take of her, and you did the best you could.  Now with our first foster child, you are beyond amazing.  You do the best you can to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of, and I couldn’t ask for me.

Thank you for doing the best you can to provide for us daily.  You always told me that your learning disability would stop you from doing so much in your life, but little do you know.. that it has only opened many doors in our relationship and our life to work on.  It’s definitely hard for you to understand, when you don’t really know the answers, but God has watched you and taken care of you, and will continue to do for the rest of your life.

I love you more than any of these words could ever explain.  Forever and always!

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Be still my heart.

I am not sure if it’s the fact of coming together, praying together, and celebrating Jesus that has made my heart swell, but I sure do love this time of year.

I really wanted to take some bluebonnet pictures of Brielle this year, and I always seem to pick the wrong time to do so (this time was right before her nap), but I really wanted to work on my lighting on my manual settings during the bright sun times.

I realized that A. I need to invest in some shading supplies for when I do have a helper that could lend an extra hand and B.  I am still not quite there yet with adjusting my settings during the appropriate time of day.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Brielle and I even got to capture a couple of her and Shane (which I absolutely love).  The lighting changes in a lot of the pictures because like I said above, it was a lot of adjusting settings to see what worked the best.  I love the ones in her tutu dress that my friend Courtney made for her last year for Easter, and the ones where she was just acting silly.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂 Happy Easter!


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