Blood and Water

This season has definitely been busy, to say the least.  I bought a ton of bargain books, but I was instantly drawn to buy another one, from a self-published author, Briana Morgan.  We took an online webinar together, Helene’s Instagram for Success, and I was instantly drawn to her Instagram.  Once I saw that her book was out, I immediately went to Amazon and had to buy it! Trust me, it’s so worth every dollar!


The Title Blood and Water in and of itself is amazing, and draws your attention immediately.  It gets your mind to start thinking of what could possibly be written in those 225 pages.

The story starts out describing the main characters.  Jay, his sister Maia, and his best friends Melanie, and Sean.  Jay is suddenly struck with this virus that has already killed half the planet.  He struggles with the decision to tell his friends and his sister, not knowing how they would react.

When Jay finds out that his sister, Maia, is suddenly struck with the same virus, he knew he had to find a way to get help.  Being only seventeen and feeling the need to protect his older sister, since their parents were recently taken too soon from this Earth, by this terrible virus, he knew he couldn’t die without at least trying to find some help for the both of them.

Their idea was to somehow find a way to get to Calais, where they heard of a doctor that might have found the cure to the virus.  They only had transportation stopping them and a very long 3 hour walk, before making it to Calais and finding Dr. Devereaux.

With Jay and his sister at the brink of death, all four of them thought this Dr. is giving them the cure to this terrible virus.  Running tests, giving them blood, and allowing them to stay with her, was just some of the good deeds they were receiving.  Little did they know, that there, everything would change.

I would tell you what happens next, but then that would give away the dramatic surprise ending, and I could never do that.  Let me just tell you, the ending is nothing like you anticipate it being.

I would/could go on and on about how inspired I was by this well-written book.  It’s an easy read, it keeps you focused and makes you want to keep reading and not put the book down.  Great job Briana on a great book, and I can’t wait to read more of your work!

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! 🙂

Disclaimer:  I was not paid by this Author to write a review about this book, and did not receive this book for free.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and truthful to my best knowledge.

©2015 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.



Book Review: The One and Only

Title:  The One and Only

Author: Emily Griffin

Pages: 413

Chapters: 46

This book takes you on a ride.  You get to know the main character Shea Rigsby, real quick.  She is described as an all-american girl, who is in her early-thirties.  The book is centered around her relationship with her family, her best friend Lucy, and Lucy’s Dad, Coach Clive Carr.

The story is based in a small town in Texas, known as Walker.  It has one of the most elite football programs in Texas, and Shea had found that it would become her everything.  Growing up spending so much time with Lucy, gave Shea that extra time to spend with her dad, Coach Carr, as well.  Shea quickly picked up on the plays and understood everything from the positions on the field, the playbook, any and all of the players on the field (every year).  She wasn’t like most girls who wanted to go shopping, or hang out with all the girls, all she wanted was to know any and everything about football.

In the beginning of the story, a tragedy occurred that changed the entire outlook of everyone involved in Shea’s life.  It made think her life was worth more than just staying at a minimum wage job, and that she should reach further and try harder to further her own career.  You see, everything that is football related, has been practically handed to her.  Everyone in town knew of her knowledge and knew she was the most qualified any job, sports related.

Throughout the story, it takes you on all the ups, and the many downs of what is to come of Shea Rigsby’s future.  Through her romantic life, to her friendships, down to her family dynamics, everything is changing right in front of her, and she quickly realizes that she doesn’t have the answers for everything.

I was really drawn from page 1 all the way to page 413, not wanting to find a place every night to bookmark my page. I lost many hours of sleep reading late into the night, but it was so worth it.  The end completely throws you for a loop and is nothing you anticipated/expected to happen.

I would highly recommend this book!