Sweet little prayer

As Shane and I were on our were to church (which never happens, because I work weekends and always meet him and the kids there), I started to notice myself getting frustrated at the little things.. (wondering why we were running late, how all the kids would behave, etc etc.) and as Shane drove, I stopped and said a little prayer ” Lord, please know that I realize that even though today is my birthday, and I just want everything to work out with our plans, it’s okay if it doesn’t and I know that everything will be good enough, the way you intend it to be”.

What happened next at church, was a miracle! Did the baby just sleep through the entire sermon?  Did Brielle just stay quiet and behave? Did little man actually not screech/yell at all during the sermon?  It wasn’t a miracle, it was God answering my prayer.

It was amazing, and I was SO happy, that I wanted to capture the moment, and cherish it forever.  (The baby was sleeping so she wasn’t in the picture).


So after everyone (including Shane) had a nap, I took the time to clean the dishes and take some pictures of my amazing roses Shane bought me and the adorable pink cupcakes him and Brielle made for me.  They are amazing!


Then it was time for some family fun time (bowling and dinner) and everyone was well-rested and ready to go!  We drove about 40 minutes from our hometown to go bowling (since our small down doesn’t have fun activities such as this nearby!) and it was such a great decision! It’s such a fun competitive sport, and will definitely remind you of all the fun times you had when you were younger and going bowling!  I won the first game by 1 point, and then my mom won the second game, and we had such a fun time supporting everyone in each game! Shane’s family were playing in the lane next to us, and it was so fun!

Then we all went out to eat, and had tons of laughs filled with great food and great conversations.  I couldn’t have wanted more!  Thank you to all of the people who wished me a happy birthday, or sent me sweet messages!! I love you all!! Cheers to 28!!

20160904T201555(my parents took the picture oh and that would be our wild 3 year old toddler in the bottom right.. haha!)

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Wow, am I really 28?


It’s crazy to think that another year has passed.. yet I feel like so much changed (for me as a person and as a family), that I haven’t really just sat down and just looked at this past year as a whole.

Last year my goal was to lose 27 pounds by my birthday, and let’s just say.. that motivation  has gotten thrown out the window! I don’t know where it’s at… but I need it to come back, stat! I literally can see myself being put last, because I am taking care of 3 kids.. 3 and under, and I know that this is temporary, until baby girl gets bigger, then I can spend more time on myself.  I AM definitely going to do something though, because I am tired of always being tired!!

While I was going to write a list of 28 ways that I have helped others this past year, I figured I will write a list of 28 ways I would like to help others this coming year.  I am all about believing and being obedient to God and trying to follow the right path that He is taking me on.

  1. I would like to donate my time to more organizations to help others, and not just money.
  2. I would like to join my sister in law in guiding the youth of our community to follow the path God is taking them on, and knowing how and when to handle difficult situations that may arise in your personal life.
  3. I would like to talk to more moms who have lost children, and guide them to lean toward their faith, even they don’t understand “why”.
  4. I would like to hopefully adopt a child and expand our family with my husband through faith and the actions of the good Lord.
  5. I would like to practice and work on my patience. I would like to learn better techniques to use in my day to day life.
  6. I would like to work more hands on work with the Trisomy 13 and 18 organizations.
  7. I would like to join the Christmas ornament decorations again with Brielle this year (and of course Shane) and really see the growth and beauty of both Brielle,  but in our grieving process.
  8. I would like to grow my blog, and in return, help others grow their blog as well!
  9. I would like to read the entire Bible.. even though every time I try to read at night, it puts me to sleep.
  10. I would like to donate another foot of my hair by my next birthday to an amazing child in need!
  11. I would like to capture all the major milestones of our foster/adoption journey on all the blog, so both myself and the kids have something to look back on, years from now.
  12. I  would like to visit at least one family member that I don’t often see, every month!
  13. I would like to kick my food addiction in the butt and live a healthier lifestyle!!
  14. I would like be consistent in my tithes and offerings at church, starting this month!
  15. I would like to just do something fun and spontaneous every now and again..  I mean the kids are only young once, right?
  16. I would like to devour in my photography, and give a couple people some free photo shoots, before I start to charge.
  17. I would like to be able to grow my relationship with my foster childrens’ parents.  It is really important to me that they get to know me and my heart, and I do the same.
  18. I will go out and enjoy the stillness of nature more, and embrace living out in the country!
  19. I will be more intentional with nurturing the friendships that mean the most to me!
  20. I will try to go to the dentist every 6 months.. it’s such a hassle! But I know the importance…
  21. I will try to cherish all the moments I will be spending on the highway, and try to remember to say a prayer before I leave every week for these family visits!
  22. I would love to go spend a day in the NICU and just love on those precious babies that don’t have family members.
  23. I would like to have a closer relationship with my brother.  And will make more of an effort to make that happen! Brother/Sister trip in the future? Hopefully!!
  24. I will enjoy more time doing things my husband loves the most. Even if that means fishing all night.. while catching no fish at all. 😉
  25. I will spend more time teaching my animals new tricks.  They are SO smart, and yet.. going from a family of 3, to 5 in the last 2 months.. poor animals have been kind of pushed to the back burner!
  26. I will try to get better at flossing. Why can I remember to brush my teeth twice a day, but never find time to floss? Ugh!
  27. I want to start jogging again!
  28. I want to attend a lot of events that my family participates in.. whether that’s a football game, any sporting event, or just supporting the small accomplishments.

Cheers to being 28, and here’s to hopefully the next 28!

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Happy 4th birthday, Lamar!

Today marks our son, Lamar Grant Johnsons 4th heavenly birthday.  We love him and miss him dearly, and can’t imagine how he is celebrating up in heaven.  We know that he is celebrating with his baby sister, Rochelle and I am sure they are having the TIME of their lives.  We took the night to say prayer (like we do each and every day over Lamar and Rochelle), do a balloon release and celebrate with some cupcakes!  Please give all your babies 4 extra kisses or hugs tonight as they go to bed! That’s exactly what we would be doing!


Birthday Celebrations!
Our big boy turned 4!! 🙂
Precious sweet balloons
His balloons flying high in the sky
His footprint is always on my heart

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To my love, happy 29th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Babe

Shane’s birthday was on May 31st and I never got the chance to finish and publish this post that I wrote, so here it is:

To my love,

Thank you for everything you have done for the past 11 years.  I don’t know how I could have gotten through being bullied when I was just 15/16, without you.  You literally just came into my life at 16 and picked up all of my missing puzzle pieces.  You fit into my crazy, chaotic of a puzzle just right.  I loved you from the very first night we met, and I will never forget how nervous you were with your red cheeks being around me!

Thank you for pushing me in life, from changing a career from teaching to nursing (knowing that I had no real clue what I wanted to do/where I wanted to work), you stood right next to me and supported me 100%.  You gave me everything you had to help me through nursing school, and I couldn’t thank you more.

Thank you for being the father that I always knew you would be.  I didn’t know that day that we were told Lamar was “incompatible with life” that my love for you would grow deeper than ever.  We made the hardest decision of our life, and we made it together. You beside me, through thick and thin. Watching you there through Brielle’s birth and just watching you with her, made me heart melt and she is definitely going to be your fishing buddy for life!  When Rochelle was born, it was just me and you in the room, and you encouraged me the entire labor to go all natural and that’s exactly what I did.  You were amazing, and through every single day she was here with us, you never missed a beat.  You learned everything so fast on how to take of her, and you did the best you could.  Now with our first foster child, you are beyond amazing.  You do the best you can to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of, and I couldn’t ask for me.

Thank you for doing the best you can to provide for us daily.  You always told me that your learning disability would stop you from doing so much in your life, but little do you know.. that it has only opened many doors in our relationship and our life to work on.  It’s definitely hard for you to understand, when you don’t really know the answers, but God has watched you and taken care of you, and will continue to do for the rest of your life.

I love you more than any of these words could ever explain.  Forever and always!

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