Malachi is 1 month old!

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So 1 month has passed already and I am amazed at how crazy life has become since his birth. We got sent to adoptions with our boys case (will update you soon on the blog), went to two doctor appointments for Malachi, counseling appointment for my foster sons, 1 doctor visit for my four year old foster son, had 2 visits with CPS, therapy appointments for Gracelynn, and had to take both of my foster sons to Austin to be evaluated by the psychologist. Oh and to top it all off basketball season started for my 6 year old, and dance practice resumed back for Brielle.

We couldn’t have done ANY of this without the help of my parents.  They have been the biggest blessing throughout this entire month and I appreciate it all so much! Thank you Mom and Mike!

One thing I definitely want to do within the next year is keep up with his milestones, likes/dislikes and major developmental growths! ♥♥

Weight: 10 pounds taken at home scale (but was also 10 pounds last week at the doctors)


-To be held! It’s so adorable how much he LOVES when we are holding him!
-To be cuddled up with Brielle.  She is seriously the baby whisper-er I promise! They always love her so much!
-To eat! Every time he is awake, he eats first from me (I don’t supply enough milk) and then finishes with a bottle every feeding.
-To sleep! He is definitely the best day sleeper and is letting us have a little bit longer stretches at night (sometimes up to 5 hours)!
-His jammies! He practically lives in them!
-Grunting! He is definitely a little grunter, and it’s so cute!

– Bathing.  Hates going in and coming out of the bath.
– Changing his diaper, or actually the wiping aspect of it.  He hates a cold wipe!

Teeth: None! 🙂

Besides the grunting, not much of a language yet!

Milestones: He is definitely lifting his head better and loves to move his upper and lower extremities!


MD appt:  2 month appt March 12th

Here are some pictures! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!❤️




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1 week already!!

week 1.png.png

First off, I cannot believe that Malachi has been here for a week already! Shane has two weeks off of work to spend with us at home, and it has been the greatest in the world to see him bond with his son, and have the ability to spend more time with our other 4 kids at home as well!

He had his first check-up which went great.   The Doctor did a head to toe exam and everything checked out just fine, no concerns were noted at this time.  He also wanted to make sure he was gaining back the little bit of weight that he had lost at the hospital, and it turns out that he had gained all the weight back and then some! He now weighs 8 pounds 1 oz. and still 19 1/4 inches long.  He stated that overall he was a healthy little boy and that he will see us in two weeks for his PKU follow up.

Let me tell you, Malachi is a great eater, great sleeper, and such a laid-back child! I know this is just newborn bliss, but I am loving every single minute of it! All of the kids are loving having a baby brother as well, and it’s so cute to watch each of them develop their own personal bond and relationship with him!

I wanted to share some pictures I have taken this last week, since I want to remember Malachi this small, forever! I know even in a few weeks his looks will change, and he will start to fill out, so I definitely wanted to make sure I captured all these sweet moments now! ♥


FYI my boys have to be blurred due to them being in foster care and it’s to protect their privacy! 🙂

Thank you ALL for your sweet comments on our surprise (gender wise) baby boy! We are so blessed and thankful to have him!

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Welcome to the WORLD…..

baby new

I cannot believe that after 9 hours of labor, 20 units of pitocin, NO medicine (All natural), and 1 push we finally introduced our baby into this world!!

This morning when I went into my Doctors appointment at 37 weeks I had my ultrasound and then a doctor visit.  At first the ultrasound showed that the baby was weighing approximately 8 lb 8 oz.  I was definitely ok with that, because Brielle was measuring 10 pounds and when she was born she barley weighed 8.

During the visit with the doctor, he stripped my membranes, and then stated that I was measuring 4 cm and that he wanted to send me over to the hospital to be admitted and have the baby.

I was so nervous going into another all natural birth again, yet so excited.  I cannot believe I endured all that pain all over again (for my last time) and got the biggest surprise/reward ever!


We are SO proud to introduce our handsome son Malachi Andreas Johnson born at 9:22p.m. weighing 7 pounds 15 oz. and measuring 19 1/4 inches long.

He is HEALTHY, with a nasal bone and a perfectly round head.  We are so so thankful God gave us a healthy baby boy, and I know there will be many more pictures in the future!!

Thank you ALL for your sweet prayers and kind messages throughout my delivery!



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Our 34 week scare


On Tuesday I went for my 34 week check up with my OB.  First it started with our regular scheduled ultrasound and everything panned out the way it should.  Baby is looking great and sounding great (Heart Rate 138 and baby is measuring at 6 pounds and 8 oz.) and measuring 2 weeks ahead.  I got some cute printouts of the face/nose and hands as well, which I always love.

Then I went to go get my weight and give my urine sample and measure my blood pressure and everything panned out well.  No concerns at all.

Then it was time to see my OB and I asked him during the visit if he would examine me and check to see if I have dilated at all, since I felt a huge change in my pelvis region and felt like the baby was dropping lower.  The Doctor did indeed confirm that I am measuring at 3cm dilated (out of 10) and sent me over to the hospital (after giving me my first shot in the rear end to help the babys lung development) overnight to be examined to make sure that I was not in active labor or having any consistent contractions (good thing I had already pre-packed a few things just in case I would have to stay overnight, so I definitely had what I needed).

The overnight stay was the absolute longest in my life, (since Shane stayed home with our four kiddos) and I missed them all so much!  I was given 4 rounds of antibiotics and 2 bags of fluids, another shot in my rear end, and had to be off and on the baby monitors 4 different times to make sure I was not producing any major contractions or having a consistent labor pattern.

It all turned out well and my body seems to be just preparing to have this baby a couple of weeks early! I usually deliver around 38 weeks so this is definitely earlier than normal, but since the baby is measuring around 36 weeks, they don’t really have too many concerns with delivery early.

I have my next appointment next Thursday (my 35 week check up) and I am hoping and praying that baby girl/baby boy can make it to that date (especially since my OB will be out of his office Monday and Tuesday).

I have to go back in to the doctor/hospital if I feel any major contractions, if my water breaks, or of course if I have any other major changes happen.

I know that God has been with us every step of this miraculous journey with giving us our rainbow baby and I know that everything will work out the way it should.

Thank you SO much for all of our close friends/family that called/texted/and just checked up on me and the baby.  We love you all so much!!

**I will definitely keep you all updated as well**

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