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baby new

I cannot believe that after 9 hours of labor, 20 units of pitocin, NO medicine (All natural), and 1 push we finally introduced our baby into this world!!

This morning when I went into my Doctors appointment at 37 weeks I had my ultrasound and then a doctor visit.  At first the ultrasound showed that the baby was weighing approximately 8 lb 8 oz.  I was definitely ok with that, because Brielle was measuring 10 pounds and when she was born she barley weighed 8.

During the visit with the doctor, he stripped my membranes, and then stated that I was measuring 4 cm and that he wanted to send me over to the hospital to be admitted and have the baby.

I was so nervous going into another all natural birth again, yet so excited.  I cannot believe I endured all that pain all over again (for my last time) and got the biggest surprise/reward ever!


We are SO proud to introduce our handsome son Malachi Andreas Johnson born at 9:22p.m. weighing 7 pounds 15 oz. and measuring 19 1/4 inches long.

He is HEALTHY, with a nasal bone and a perfectly round head.  We are so so thankful God gave us a healthy baby boy, and I know there will be many more pictures in the future!!

Thank you ALL for your sweet prayers and kind messages throughout my delivery!



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We’re pregnant!


Yes, you read the Title right! We just found out two days ago(3/10/14)! I know many of you think, AGAIN?? Well to us family is so important and we do plan out everything and try to have our future well planned out for our children.  We decided a month ago to start trying thinking that sometime this year we will be pregnant and welcome a baby sometime in 2015. Well it turns out we will be welcoming this boy or girl a lot sooner than expected! We planned on having Brielle and the baby between 18-24 months apart which is a nice range for each child to be in their own stages in development.  Our date is 11-17-2014 which I am sure will change many times along the way but I cannot believe Brielle is going to be a BIG sister!

We actually started planning Brielle’s first birthday already and are planning to do a HUGE surprise for everyone at the party and let everyone know at the time.  I have always told my mom and my best friend first so this is going to be a MAJOR secret to keep for the next 12-13 weeks!
We took the pregnancy test and it said 2-3 weeks pregnant, so we are planning on making an appointment to go see my doctor pretty soon and schedule for a check-up and our first ultrasound! This would make me being pregnant for three years in a row.  While some women may look at me like I am crazy, I LOVE it, and being a parent is the best thing in the world!
I am so in shock with this pregnancy and I am so blessed that God allowed us to get pregnant again and carry another baby.  All we hope and pray for is that this baby is healthy! Can’t wait to see the first ultrasound!


YAY!! So happy!


Brielle is showing her excitement!
Daddy is happy!!

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