5 questions I get asked…



I decided to write this post due to the many questions that I/we (me and my husband)  get basically on a daily/weekly basis when we are out and about with our children.. which is basically all of the time.

  •  Are they all yours?

-Well, the answer is yes.  I am raising them, feeding them, taking care of them, and loving them just like my own while they are in my care. Biologically speaking, no, but we sure treat them all like they are our own.

  • Whose kids are they, then?

-If the conversation goes to the point where we tell them that they are “foster children”, they it all the sudden gives the right to get real personal and want to know everything about them (which for the most part is none of their business and we always protect their privacy when it comes to this).

  • Where did those blue eyes come from? He is so cute!

-First and foremost, the blonde hair and blue eyes that my son has, definitely is unique which is understandable, but he has two older brothers who may not look anything like him, but are just as handsome! I think this bothers me the most when we are out in public and have five gorgeous, unique children, and they want to just point out one to compliment in front of the rest of the kids.  Not cool!

  • How long will you have them?

-Basically there is no easy answer to this.  The length of time for children placed in foster care differs for each case, and they can always take them from a foster home and place them with a family member, if they pass their home study, so we never know what could happen.

  • Do you get good money for them?

-The truth is, we never chose this route for the money.  I was a stay at home before fostering, and I am a stay at home mom now.  God placed us to do this, and it is not easy by any means.  The amount of driving to doctor appointments, counseling, visits with the biological parents and siblings, are just part of the process that really no one tells you about.  The money definitely helps accomplish this for all of the children, and we are so thankful for that.

I hope this answered some of the questions many of you have, and I will probably do an updated version of this, as we are about to hit our 1 year fostering journey!

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