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Let’s start off with the sad news that this is going to be the last 10 on Tuesday linkup party! Ahh! But I have loved every second of it, and so without further ado, here are the  list of 10 things I dislike!

  1.  Spiders–I mean well, you can add snakes and cockroaches into this category as well! I just really DON’T like them, but my fear has  decreased tremendously once I became a parent, and knew that I would do anything to protect Brielle.
  2. Heights–I have never gotten over this fear.  I will do things at times to see if the fear is still in me, and I find out every time that it has not left, yet! I really think just being on ground level is best!
  3. Driving in the rain–I really have heard of so many terrible  things on the news/real life that have happened to people while they were driving in the rain.  The times that scare me the most, are during a huge thunderstorm and I can barely see the person in front of me, even with the windshield wipers going full blast.
  4. NOT sleeping–I really do miss the days when I could sleep 8+ hours, no problem! Well,  that has been long gone for quite some time now and I can’t wait for it to return (or will it ever?).
  5. Black coffee– I have tried to decrease the amount of cream that I put in my coffee by a LOT, but I can’t seem to give up the cream cold turkey yet! I love coffee and hopefully one day I will look back at this post and say to myself “it wasn’t THAT hard Sheridan”!
  6. Going to bed angry–Shane and I used to do this a lot during our early years of being together, until we finally just made a decision together that either one of us wouldn’t go to bed angry.  No matter what.  Sometimes that means staying up and talking until 3a.m, but we will work it out.
  7. Saying things more than once–Marrying someone with a learning disability has taught me a lot of things, but one thing I still have to work on is that I have to say things more than once, a LOT of the time.  I get so used to just saying things once to Brielle (since I am with her majority all day, every day) and when Shane gets home from work and I am having to repeat myself a lot, it sometimes drives me crazy.  But, he can’t help it, and I just have to remember that.
  8. Scary movies– I have never liked them, but I would still watch them when I was younger.  Well, that led to terrible nightmares of anything and everything and so I just one day decided NO more scary movies for me (including the ones on lifetime channel that I used to be so addicted to).
  9. Texas summer heat–I REALLY dislike just walking outside and sweating in the 110 degree Texas weather.  It’s no fun, and I am SO not looking forward to it!
  10. Battery charging–I really wish batteries didn’t die so fast on the phone, my laptop, my fitbit.. etc! I feel like I am always having to charge something to have enough power for the day!

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10 things before bed!


When Brielle is going to bed, it used to take forever! Now we have gotten it down(of course after bath is done) to about 5-10 minutes! This 10 on Tuesday, I going to list 10 things Brielle must do before she does to bed.. or else our night routine will not be fun!

Ο  Of course she must take a bath /shower

Ο  Right when she gets out of the bath/shower we play for a couple of minutes and then wind down

Ο She loves to put on her own pull-up/underwear now

Ο Jammies-  She hasn’t gotten to wear she chooses her jammies yet, which we always have layed out for her to put on when she gets out of the bath/shower

Ο  Read books which usually consists of 1-3 books depending on how much time we have

Ο She loves for me to brush her hair and leave it wet and down before bed

Ο Brush teeth (she tries to do this on her own and then either Shane or myself will follow behind her and brush really good)

Ο She plays this game with Shane every night when she turns on all the lights near her room

Ο  I then pick her up and go to her bed to say our nightly prayers with Shane

Ο I then tuck into bed and give her a big kiss and hug and she says “I love you to the moon and stars” and I say “I love you to the moon and back” and close the door, and she goes straight to sleep.


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10 tips for your home study

10 tips for your home study


We just had our home study this past Saturday for our foster/adoption process, and I definitely have some helpful tips to share with everyone, that I SO wish me and my husband had prior to the 3 hour session.

  1. Know your immediate family history.  Shane and I both did not grow up with one of our biological parents so ALL of the questions pertaining to them, we answered to the best of our ability.  Some we just simply had to say “I don’t know”.
  2.  Gain as much knowledge/information as you can about past marriages (from your parents) as possible.  I had no idea why my parents got divorced, and if they had tried any methods to make it work before choosing that route.
  3. Be open to ANY and EVERYthing.  They ask SO many personal,in-depth questions about you, your spouse, and your relationship (even about your sex life and if you are satisfied with it), so be sure to communicate with each other prior to having that discussion with someone you don’t even know.
  4. Make sure you are on the same page about discipline/punishment.  We have always been on the same page about time-outs with Brielle and talking to her, but they want to make SURE that you don’t spank your child, nor will you ever spank the foster/adoptive child.
  5. Make sure your dining room table is cleaned off, because THAT’s where we had to conduct the interview in for 3 hours.. not the comfortable couches we have that’s maybe a good 20 feet from that.  She writes down a lot.
  6. Speaking of writing things down, make sure you are comfortable okay with being recorded, and anything you say, can be used during the study.
  7. Since our daughter is only 2, she did not have to interview her personally, but she did observe her to make sure she was healthy, and interactive and appropriate for her age.
  8. Speaking of your kids.. find a babysitter/caregiver to help you take care of them during the 3-4 hour interview, because your entire focus has to be on answering the questions correctly and appropriately.
  9. Dress comfortably.  I usually dress up a little for home visits/etc when it comes to this process to look more presentable, but I knew we were going to be sitting for a long time, and that wouldn’t be necessary.
  10. Last but not least, empty your bladder PRIOR to the home study visit. Shane and I both did have water with us, to sip on during the process (because you do a lot of talking), but we didn’t get up once from the table.

**Remember to relax, be calm as much as possible, and just be yourself.  That will shine further than any awkward question they may ask you.

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