My 16 year old self

Do you ever think of what you would have told yourself 10 years ago?  I cannot believe that it has already been 10 years and I would love to share with what I would tell my old self now.

First I would like to tell myself that not having your first serious boyfriend at this age, is not the worst thing in the world.  I would tell myself that you must love yourself before any one else can love you.

Start focusing on college.  Your grades from freshman year really start to set the tone of where you might attend college.  Take it seriously and take as many college classes you can while in high school to save money in the long hall.

Your best friends that you thought you never live without, will change.  People change over time and grow into the person they truly are, and some will stay with you for the rest of your life, and some simply wont.  It’s ok, because God will bring new people into your life over time. 🙂

Trust in yourself.  No one can make you believe in yourself, no one can write those long essays in college for you, or make excellent grades for you, or get that job that will change your life forever and make you want to change careers.  Only you can make that choice.

Last but not least, I would have told my 16 year self that bullies are usually insecure about themselves, which is most likely why they would be so rude to you or anyone else.  I would tell myself to not take it personally and really just focus on the true meaning of a friendship and realize those are the people that matter the most. Also, don’t be afraid to tell people about the bullying.  Hopefully your story can stop that person from doing it to someone else.