You know that one topic,

that people can either love or hate?

That would be graffiti.

There really is no fine line.

For me, graffiti is a form of expression.

It can be used to express emotions,

such as hope, love, anger

and even tragedy, and loss.

For me, this is powerful.

To be able to see the final product,

of something that was just a mere thought,

 a picture, or words on a piece of paper.

For me, graffiti will always be a form of art.

And I will always be that person,

to notice it on a wall, a train,

or on a sidewalk.

For me, graffiti is the unknown.

I may not understand the full

meaning behind the image itself,

but I do know what true beauty is,

when it is right in front of me.


Artist: Unknown

Photos taken by me.

©2015 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.


There is a person,

a man in fact.

Who gave me life,

and chose to bless my parents,

with a second child.

Who was watching over me,

before I even knew He existed.

Who loves me unconditionally,

when I was trying to so hard,

to find it in my own father.

Who constantly provides for me,

in strength, courage, and protection.

Who has accepted me,

and forgiven me,

despite having made some

terrible choices in life,

and still chooses to see the good in me,

and provide blessings.

Who has given me such a great husband,

and three beautiful children.

No one can truly describe

how amazing this man is.

He gave his life so we could have ours.

He is the beloved,

Jesus Christ.

©2015 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.


On a warm sunny day

there was a woman standing 2 feet

in front of a large oak tree.

The wind was making her long dark hair

sway a little to the left,

making the tips of her hair come off of her shoulder.

While holding her camera in one hand,

she couldn’t help but stare,

at the deep-blue pond that lie 10 feet below her.

It appeared to be that she was looking

at the reflection of God’s creation.

There were four beautiful emerald green trees

standing tall above the water.

From a distance, all she could see in the water,

was a reflection of four trees.

But as she looked closely through her camera lens,

she could now see the life that was living among the trees.

She could see the reflection of the two squirrels running quickly,

jumping from limb to limb chasing each other.

She could see the reflection from a bird,

pecking on wood in the middle of the tree.

If she looked really close,

she could see the shadow from the flock of migrating ducks,

flying slowly across the sky.

Once the woman was done taking her pictures,

she packed up her camera,

turned around and gave the pond one more good look,

gave a soft smile, as if to thank God

for showing her that true beauty still exists,

and then opened up her car door, started the engine, and drove off.

©2015 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.