Damaged Goods

This past weekend my husband and I got to go our second road trip outing without our precious baby girl and we headed on to Houston,Tx.  I was so excited because I have always wanted to go to Lakewood Church and see Pastor Joel Osteen in person.  Let me tell you,  I was in awe of how amazing this church was on the inside and how nice and welcoming each and every person was to the both of us!

First off,  let me explain that his choir was amazing!!  I have never felt so alive and uplifted and danced to every song they sang.  It was amazing and I could feel the Lord letting me know that I was suppose to be there on that Saturday night.
Victoria Osteen came out first and spoke about praying before it’s too late.  She stated that so many of us reach to God during the hard times and times where prayer is needed then and there but times where everything is working out we tend to slack on prayer.  I am guilty of this at times as well.  I have made it note to myself to wake up every morning and say a prayer and be thankful that I,  as well as my family get to see another day.  There are definitely more opportunities I can pray instead of say negative things and pray during many other aspects of my life.
Joel Osteen then came out to preach about Genesis 21:18 “Arise,  lift up the lad,  and hold him in your hand; for I will make him a great nation.”
His sermon was on removing the damaged goods label from our mind and body.  He said “You have to get out,  you’re inside is perfect; it didn’t stop your destiny,  you have the blood  of a winner.”  This sets home for me when I was called a fat whale,  worthless,  obese, unsuccessful in my middle school/ high school year by my classmates and those labels stayed on me and my back for years until one day I decided  I was worth something.  I knew I could overcome my battles with my weight,  I knew I was going to graduate college and become someone successful and help people in their lives,  but first I had to take off that damaged goods label and throw it away.  He then said “you have to take the hands you’ve been dealt and make the most of it.”

How many of you have been labeled as damaged goods??  Today is your day to step out of that label and throw it away!

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