Easter 2017 photos!

This year, I wanted to take the Easter pictures a little earlier than normal, because I couldn’t wait to put the precious outfits that I bought them, on them! I wish you all could see the precious, adorable, children behind the blurred images (but due to foster care regulations, that is not allowed), but let me assure you… they are some cute kids!

I decided to to take them at a bridge in Gonzales, Tx and it seemed to turn out so GREAT! I also took a few in our front yard, by a run-down barn we have out front.. and we it has made for some awesome backdrops for my kids!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter this Sunday and spend it with lots of love, food, and amazing fellowship with your friends and family!



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Baby girl turns ONE!


So our foster baby has officially turned 1!! This will be the last monthly update, and it is kind of bittersweet, because she is the baby in our crazy household!

Height: 26 in.

Weight: 17 pounds 12 oz. (she gained another pound in a month! YAY!)

-To be held–especially from mama or nana
-She has still been teething and loving to try different textures in her mouth
-To stand.  Literally baby girl won’t crawl, or walk, but wants you to walk her around all day, lol!
-To be around Brielle.  Seriously the cutest relationship ever!
-To cuddle!
-To do what she wants, without you taking it away from her (even for her own safety).

– Her hip helpers.  They allow her to sit straighter and work on being in the 4 point crawling position, but she does not see the benefit in wearing them at all.
–To be left alone.

Teeth: No teeth! I am amazed that she still doesn’t have any!

Spits bubbles now, says hi (still working on the wave), dada and trying to do more sign language!

Milestones: She celebrated her first birthday, and first St. Patrick’s Day!


Family visit (2 hours every week, on Tuesdays)

MD appts: All of her specialist are complete for another 6 mo. and finally finished her last MD appt. this morning with her 1 year well check! Such a busy month!

Bi-monthly visits with ECI team

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)

Now I will leave you with some adorable pictures of the party! (the faces are blurred due to them being my foster children and it’s against policy to show their faces)


She loved trying cake for the first time at her party! It was so cute to see her lick her fingers!


I loved that we got to celebrate this amazing “First” with her, and LOVED all of our family/friends that got to attend (over 40+ people!) and come and meet all of our children for the first time!!

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Haven of Hope Retreat 2016

This was such an amazing weekend, and tomorrow I leave for this years retreat!

Journey With The Johnsons

Haven of hope (1)

This years Haven of Hope retreat was very different for me, than last year was. I had just lost Rochelle two months before going on this retreat for the first time (for grieving mothers who have lost children) and I wasn’t fully prepared to embrace the entire weekend. I took so much away from it last year (which you can see here), but I also went in a downward spiral of depression, anger, and have had to learn how to cope with my grief of this past year.

Friday night was filled with getting settled into our room  (and meeting our roommates) and having dinner at 6pm.  This year they sat us down at the table next to someone, and during/after dinner we got to know them and share their story with the rest of the group.  It is always so sad hearing the loss of other women’s child(ren)…

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February family day=beachin’ it!

So it’s been so long since I have been on a roll with blogging and I just feel so rejuvenated and inspired lately (it might have to do with the fact that my parents watched my 3 littles–3 years and under for a couple of days).

In February, we celebrated one of our middle children, turning 6! We wanted to do something extra special since he hasn’t really ever gotten a proper birthday party, and he loveeees the water, so we thought taking a trip to Corpus Christi, Texas was a must!

All of the kids had a blast playing in the ocean the first day we got there..  I wish I were brave enough to capture the sweet moments of true happiness while they were playing, but I was not too brave to take my camera out around all that sand.

The next day, we packed up ALL of the kids (even picked up my niece and nephew since it feels like it had been forever since we had seen them) and made our way over to the aquarium for the day!

It was SO much fun to see all the kids explore all around the aquarium and touch stingrays, see an amazing dolphin show, see a huge crocodile up close and personal, and an amazing bird show (plus so much more!) I was so glad we got some new updated family photos as well because they will ever be this small again, and our journey is definitely something worth documenting!

Enough typing already, I will just let the pictures do all of the talking, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!♥♥


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