Tell me something good

Tell me

I am linking up with An inspirational blogger to write about something good that has happened this week!

It’s so easy to get pulled into world where all you are to see is all of the negative things happening around you. From parenting struggles, to life stress, to weight loss/gain, we as a society are so quick to share the negative things happening all around us, but fail to state the positive,happy things.

Today is all about sharing something good, positive, encouraging, and I figured just sharing one thing wouldn’t be good enough, because I’m so thankful for so many things right now.

1) I have slept over 6 hours every single night this past week, which never happens. I am a horrible sleeper so this was amazing!

2) My SIL brought us a boy toddler bed for our foster child and he can’t fit it yet, so brielle chose that it was hers for now (it’s a firetruck off of cars) so now she has a princess themed room with a cars bed.. haha it’s adorable though!

3) Shane and I took the kids to go see their first firework show in Shiner,TX last night and they both did good! Even though Brielle questioned why it had to be so loud.. haha!

4) We turned in our first set of monthly paperwork for our foster child, it felt so official! This Wednesday we will have been doing this for 3 weeks, so fun!!

5) I registered Brielle for a Mothers day Out program and I am beyond excited for her to start in August. It’s twice a week from 830am-330pm and it’s Christian based and they teach the kids a lot. She will be in the 3-4 year old age group and I am so excited for her to join! Yay for education! (Thank you mom for encouraging this)!!


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Remember these five tips

5 tips for Bloggers

Since I first started blogging two years ago, I have learned/researched a lot.  I want to share with you all, five tips that helped me build my blog!

Let me first tell you, that I don’t do this full-time. I am a Wife and a Mom first, and I work as an RN second.  Blogging is something that I have to personally schedule time in my day to do, or it won’t get done.  I have to be efficient with my time management, and write blogs that are interesting to my readers!

So let’s get started with the five tips that every blogger should do:

#1 Take engaging pictures.  I invested in a Canon EOS Rebel T5 series about a year  into my blogging, and it has made such a dramatic difference! Readers want pictures that are distinct, clear, and something that they themselves can relate to.


#2  If you don’t have a nice expensive camera, and you only have your phone to take pictures with, you must learn how to properly edit your photos with certain apps that make it look like your pictures were taken from a nice camera.  Here are some great apps to use:




º A Beautiful Mess


#3 Share on social media.  This is KEY to spreading your blog and reaching a lot of people, at one time.  Share on all the social media, that you can. My favorite ones to share my blog are:




#4 Engage with your readers/other bloggers.  The blogging community is HUGE and it seems like everywhere you look, you will find another person starting up their blog. It is SO important to respond to every.single.comment and engage with your readers as much as possible.  It’s equally as important to comment on other blogs that may inspire you, or maybe just had a great topic and you loved what they wrote about.  Let them know!  In this community feedback is so important! Both good and bad! Never forget that. 🙂

#5  Write about topics that you LOVE.  I never knew I would love to write poems and make every Monday a new post with a poem that I wrote, or on Wednesdays, that I would have ever loved photography as much as I do and came up with Wordless Wednesdays where I just show examples of my photography skills!  Write/show readers what you love to do/about your life (especially if you are a lifestyle blogger, like myself).


**Bonus:  Always remember to do this because you love to do it, not because you are wanting to get famous, or rich by doing so.

Please let me know if you found these tips helpful or if you think I should add more tips to this post?? Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all on social media!! 🙂

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Humble Pie

Humble Pie

After reading this Humble Pie prompt from the Daily Post, it definitely hit the spot, after what all I did today, even though it’s not necessarily the direction the prompt was going.

Being humble is something that you are, not something someone taught you to be.  Remembering that no matter how much you work to climb up that ladder at work, you will never forget how it felt to be at the bottom.  Knowing that even when you are blessed with great opportunities, or fortunes, that you never forget to give back.

After today, having to work on the floor as a CNA (certified nurse aide) because we were short staffed and having to give showers to the residents, to shave them, to make sure they looked presentable for the family members coming to visit, changing the briefs (diapers), etc.. made all the memories of the past 5 years come back, full swing.

Without a doubt, I will never forget how hard it is being a CNA.  It takes a toll on your body physically, every day, and it’s the lowest paying job in the nursing field.

When I found out we were short staffed today, I told the aides that I would be there for them, without a doubt, all shift.  Of course, I still had my job as weekend Charge Nurse/Treatment Nurse, but I just knew it was all about balancing, and letting them know, that no matter what, they can depend on me to be there for them.

I am forever grateful that I went on to get my RN degree, and worked my way up the totem pole, but my hands will never be “too full” or “too busy” to help another worker/someone in need.

I got more compliments today from the workers/residents/families than I have gotten in a long time, and as stressful as the day was/gets, I will always remember to stay humble, thankful, and give God the glory for the blessing my hands with the ability to help others.