Rochelle is 2!!


This year, I am doing better, with knowing she is exactly where she is supposed to be.  It’s interesting.. this thing we call grief.. it’s an unending roller coaster of ups and downs, and it’s a ride so many of us are on. I am happy to say right now.. we are on the “up” side.

This year I still kept with tradition and did #pinkforRochelle on FB for all of our friends and family to participate in a balloon release in honor of her name, or just wearing pink/doing something in her honor.  It was so nice to see so many friends/family participate!

We were going to do our own balloon release, but God had other plans and it was POURING the entire day of the event, so we cancelled it and just did a craft with all of the kids with the balloons and made the most of her sweet memories.  Now that we have 3 boys (who didn’t know our sweet precious Rochelle) we got to tell her amazing life, battle, and story in those 2 months and 1 day, and how Brielle will forever be bonded to her baby sister (she still talks about her quite often).

We love you Rochelle Elaine Johnson ♥♥ Happy 2nd heavenly birthday!!



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That silver necklace

That silver necklace you see

hanging from my neck,

is not just any regular piece of jewelry.

It tells a story,

of a precious little girl.

A little girl who had life,

and a battle to fight

since the day she entered this world.

A story of a girl with a terminal diagnosis,

and lived for two months and 1 day.

A story of a daughter, sister, and friend to many.

This silver necklace, is a bond that connects many parents,

who have lost a child of their own.

This silver necklace has life, a meaning,

and a story to be told,

and will never be just an ordinary piece of jewelry.


R.I.P Rochelle Elaine Johnson 11/6/2014-1/07/2015

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Family DAY in July!

family (1)

So for those of you who are new (YAY and welcome), my family decided to meet up at least once a month in honor of Rochelle, after she passed away January 2015.  It has been going great and I love the fact that we have to be intentional with each other and make sure a visit happens every month.

It never fails that something goes wrong on the day of, or the day before our visit, but somehow/someway, God makes it possible for all of us to travel safely to be together.Today was also the first time our foster child has seen his Dad in over a month!  It was a lot going on in one day (more about that on the blog tomorrow)!

But for this months location, we all decided Seguin, Tx! There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful cities with Guadalupe River running straight through it.  My Pop lives there, so we decided to all  meet up at his house for a few hours and just be together.

My parents decided to pick up lunch from Chisholm Trail BBQ in Lockhart, Tx and bring it to us all, and it was so delicious!  After lunch, we all just talked, hung out, and enjoyed spending time together.  I haven’t been back to the house since David passed away and it was really nice being in his old room, and going out to his garden where he would tell me everything he was growing and take me on a walk around the yard.  It was his motivation each and every day to see what all he could grow and produce out there.  I walked away with a box full of keepsakes that were his favorites that I will forever remember him by.

Overall it was a great afternoon that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  As much as I would have loved for Shane to be able to take off to join us, he had so much fun hearing all the stories of the day!

I will share some of the pictures with y’all, and you can tell yourself how these kids just exude happiness.






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Family Day in May!

We sadly couldn’t get together in April which has only happened a few times that we absolutely couldn’t all get together for an entire month.  It just seemed like one thing kept happening after another.

May came pretty quickly and it was perfect, because we all met up at the hotel my parents were at in Corpus Christi, Texas and it was soo fun!

Brielle hasn’t really been feeling too well lately and I was questioning if we should go, but thankfully she hung in there, and had a fun time! Shane and I got there and the kids really wanted to go to the pool first, so that’s exactly what we did.  I cannot believe how much be ALL 3 of the kiddos improved with their swimming skills over the past few months! So proud of them!

We then all changed and went to lunch and went back to the hotel for all 3 kids to take a nap (which is when my brother and Julia  arrived and hung out in the hotel a little bit before going and staking our place out at the beach).

We had to wake the kids up from their naps (surprisingly everyone was okay with that) and immediately walked over to the beach and the kids were having SO much fun building sand castles, running in the water and splashing, and getting sand everywhere!

Overall, very fun day and I am so blessed and honored to be able to get together once again for another month, continuing the tradition in Rochelle’s honor.  ♥

Here are some fun pictures from the day:




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