Birchbox February Review!

I love beauty products, and ever since becoming a parent to 5 children, I wanted to gift myself something for Christmas this year, and that was a 12 month gift certificate to BirchBox beauty products!

I did my second beauty product review, with a LOT of mishaps from behind the lens, and ended up shooting it with my cell phone.. so I know the image quality isn’t the greatest, and I say um… A LOT! haha!

Let me know what you think of the products, hopefully I described each of them well!♥♥

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Birchboxin’ It-November Box

Birchboxin’ It-November Box

Sadly, this is my last Birchbox from my birthday present! Thank you SO MUCH Adriane, this has definitely been an amazing 3 months trying out new and different products, and seeing what truly works best for me! I am SO sad that this journey will be ending (due to us having this new house and all the major expenses that goes with it!).

This is probably, hands down, the best box out of the three.  Of course, they would go out with a bang, but honestly, I love every product.


This months box contained a mask, a primer, a red matte lipstick, curling cream, and dry shampoo.  Here is my take on the products

  • I am in LOVE with this red matte lipstick, like beyond in love! It stays on for a few hours, even while eating/drinking without having to re-apply.  It is bold, and beautiful!
  • I tried the dry shampoo on Brielle, but I swear people with naturally curly hair, can’t use dry shampoo by itself!  It has never worked in my hair, and it didn’t really work in hers..  It just kind of poofed out all of her curls, kind of like afro style.   I still had to use some of the next product and definitely some water to keep the curls tight.
  • The curling cream was good, but for Brielle’s volumized hair, I think I should have probably used more than a dime size amount.
  • The eye primer I have used, but still have yet to figure this product out! It will take some time to see how I should really use it.
  • The face mask I still haven’t used as well, but I am definitely excited for!

Thank you again Adriane so much for gifting me with three months of greatness, and I can’t wait to use all these goodies up! Love you girl!