Being Bullied


When I walked inside the halls of my high school at the age of 15, I never thought I such a terrible day would ever happen to me.

A little back story- I have always been the “chubby” friend.. I literally was the biggest one in gymnastics, and the only sport I ever tried and was remotely decent at, was soccer.  I couldn’t run like all the other girls on the team, because I was overweight. Not just overweight, but tall & overweight.  And I towered over all the other girls, all the time, so I got stuck in the back of the field my entire soccer career.

I remember seeing all my other teammates tryout+join the high school soccer team, and transition out of the league we were in, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.  I was afraid of being called fat, or afraid of giving other people having the opportunity to laugh at me on the field.

So welcome freshman year, where your hopes are high for a great new year, with a TON of opportunity to meet new friends (around 500 students my freshmen year) and I thought it was a good start to build confidence that I lacked majority of my life.

I saw a lot of fresh faces, and a few months in, I started making some new friends.. or so I thought.

So I started having a little crush on this one guy in my class, and I would let him cheat off of me every day in class, so that he could make straight A’s and not have to worry about anything.. since he really wasn’t the brightest of the bunch (or so he played that card pretty well.) But one day, I got sick and tired of it and told him enough was enough and I told the teacher to please move my seat.

It was that next week when I walked into school (2nd semester of freshman year) and saw everyone staring at me.. in a bad way (start of the terrible day.)  I didn’t understand if I had food on my face, if my make-up was messed up, or what in the world they were looking at..until I saw a stack of papers stapled together that one of my “new friends” that I had met was carrying around in his hands.

I asked him what it was, and he was reluctant to say, so I took it and started opening the pages and my stomach dropped.  It was a book about me.  About how fat I was.

You know that feeling when you just want to hide and run away, and act like something never existed? That was exactly how I felt in that very moment.  I felt so small.  So helpless.  And I just wanted to breakdown and cry in the hallway.

The book was pictures of me comparing me so rather large things such as “Sheridan is as big as a hippo,  or Sheridan is so fat that she reminds me of a …” well, you get the point.  After a couple of pages I threw the book at the person who was holding it and pretty much ran to my first class.

I didn’t know what else to do besides to tell my closest friends, and there really wasn’t much they could do about the situation either.  My brother was probably the least protective brother during those years (he is one year older than me,) and I didn’t really have any other options.

It felt like this day would NEVER end but I knew I wanted to go report this to the school  counselor before the end of the day was over.  She stated that she was vaguely aware of the situation, and told me that there would be consequences for whoever decided to type up this book and distribute it throughout the whole school (of about 2,000 people.)

Once it finally came back that it was the guy I had a crush on, and it all came down to the fact that I wouldn’t let him cheat off of me, I was devastated.  I was so so embarrassed and I even questioned my entire self worth, and thought that everyone must think the same as him now.  Thankfully they didn’t and it took a long time for me to understand that.

Y’all it was one of the hardest days/years of my life that I have had growing up, and I want you all to know that bullying is NEVER ok.  It’s never ok to make fun of someone because of the way they look, their sex, their disability, or their race. It’s NEVER ok!

It took me years to forgive this person, and one day (it must have been a good 4 years after the incident occurred) he reached out to me.  He apologized for ever doing that, and making me feel that way.  He owned up to his responsibility and I 100% appreciated that.

For so many years I let my weight and my self-worth be determined by others.  I never had the understanding that beauty comes from within, and that I know I am beautifully and wonderfully made in Gods image!

I never grew up appreciate my chubby cheeks, or my pretty smile, or my amazing curls, but now it doesn’t matter what the number on the scale says, I know my self-worth and I am fully aware that it is not up to anyone else to decide, but me.

Do I want to get back to that obsessed with the gym 6X/week Sheridan who was in the best shape of her life, prior to 8 kids (my 6 + my 2 heavenly babies?) Of course! And one day when I choose it’s the right time, I will! But for right now, I am choosing to love my littles and raise them to my best ability.

I hope my children never have to experience hate/bullying from other kids, but Shane and I both know we cannot protect them from everyone!  We also know that it’s our responsibility to teach them to stick up for other children when they see bullying occur, and not sit back and do nothing at all.  Or if they see that kid in class sitting by themselves, to move over and be friends with them.  It’s so easy to do, but y’all please have conversations with your children.  I was so glad that I could be open with my mom and tell her, and I am so thankful for her being there for me when I needed her the most.

I’m hoping to spread awareness and to spread love.  The power of forgiveness is amazing, and I am SO thankful that God is working on me, and healing wounds from my childhood. I am also so thankful that I am able to share them with you all, in hopes to be able to reach one person that may have gone through something similar, to let them know that it’s ok to talk about, to let them know their feelings can exists, and that we can help be a voice for someone else who may still be struggling.

Never let anyone take your shine away!

With love,


Why I am not..


So ever since the current DON (Director of Nursing) at the facility that I work at announced that she was quitting, I have had multiple (At least 5 a day) people come up to me and ask me why I am not going to fill the position.

Let me just say, first and foremost I was not asked to fill the position (probably because I have literally turned down every full time job offer they have ever asked of me).

  1. I started taking DON classes about 3 years ago, in hopes of becoming a DON and take over the facility once I finished classes, if the position came open. Well, turns out it was almost handed to the one that was chosen (the boss’ daughter got the job) and when she sat down both of us to tell us she was quitting.. it was almost automatic that she would get the job. So therefore, I quit going to classes and just enjoyed my pregnancy and the season that I was in.
  2. You have to be on call, practically 24/7.  You are the person that runs the nursing department in the facility (75% of the facility), so your availability is very important.  That, I could not do.
  3. The money would be great (in class they said it was close to 6 figures), but the amount of time you are actually working versus how much you get paid.. I am not sure that it evens out first and foremost, and secondly.. money doesn’t buy happiness.
  4. Family is the NUMBER ONE thing in my life.. not my job. Ever.  So if that means I have to put my children in daycare for them to be raised by strangers, then I will pass(by the way, not judging the millions of mom’s who have too, I completely understand).  I love spending every day at home with them during the week, and working weekends, and I am not ready to give that up.
  5. I love the staff, and I love doing treatments on the weekends and being in charge, but I honestly would never want that to be ruined by moving up.  I am so close with everyone, and I couldn’t imagine having to buckle down and suspend one of them, or even worse.. having to fire them.
  6. The management is just a story in itself.  I feel like the former DON built her team, based on what she thinks would work for her.. and I am not sure I agree with all of the team, and I am not sure if I would want to honestly work day in and day out with them.. five days a week, every week.
  7. When you are in foster care, you have weekly visits with the family.  Yes, I could make a way for them to be scheduled at different hours, but honestly.. we have it all worked out and going so smoothly, that I couldn’t imagine them changing everything with both families.. just to fit my work schedule.
  8. I love my husband, and would always want to do the best for us.. but honestly having to change so much, which in turn, may cause him to work extra (if we were putting 3 in daycare), I just couldn’t do. If the day ever comes, the kids are older and in school.. then we may visit the situation again.
  9. Family help.  We live in Yoakum, surrounded all by Shane’s family.. but everyone still works, but his Dad.  Let’s just say… his Dad isn’t the one who is going to voluntarily watch 3 kids, 3 and under, while Shane and I work day in and day out, so basically since my parents have flexible schedules, they can only help out so much.
  10. Missing the little things in life.  I would not want  my job to take me away from Bible study every week, or church on Sundays (in the instance that I would get called in), or the many milestones that I would miss, and I am a person who likes to remember the little things on film, so we can go back one day and remember to smile in the midst of all the chaos.


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Grief doesn’t go away

it doesn’t disappear.

People say things

that cause a reaction out of us.

“God will never give you more than you can handle”


You can have another baby”


It wasn’t your fault”


You can move on”


Grieving is a process,

and goes deeper than those five stages.

Sometimes it just so happens,

that  those triggers

may never disappear.

Image by: The Hope Line

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11 months later..Magic

11 months later..Magic

From the moment you entered this world,

with your blue-tinged fingers and toes,

God instilled life into you.

He gave you the strength to breathe,

to cry, and to know when you were hungry.

The ability to experience pain,

but also comfort and joy.

The courage to speak ,

through your bold dark eyes,

and your slow twitching head,

when you got so mad.

The ability to know love,

on such a deeper and powerful level.

Your body responded so well to touch,

and to voices that you recognized.

You also loved to be held all the time,

and cuddled up close to someones neck,

in the knee-chest position.

Through the many trials and tribulations,

you continued to defy all odds placed against you.

You created a new image for Trisomy 13 babies,

and you showed people to look deeper than your “label”.

You showed me how to take my label of a “nurse” off (at times),

and realized what a precious gift from God I had in my arms.

You were the rock,

when everything was falling apart,

and you somehow drew our family closer than ever before.

The day you left to go be with your brother,

was unlike no other.

I have seen patients pass away before,

but nothing like yours.

You were in my arms,

and I never wanted to let you go.

Yet, it was like pure magic.

Spirit drifted out of your body,

and I all of the sudden

got this overwhelming feeling

that you were gone.

That’s the moment,

your Daddy and I knew,

life would never be the same.

11 months have passed,

yet it still feels like it was yesterday.

We will miss you forever Rochelle Elaine Johnson. 11/6/15-1/7/15


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