Can this last longer?

Can this last longer?

I seriously thought this Christmas, was one of the best ones yet.  We finally got to combine BOTH of our families, in the same day! WHAT?  It is SO hard to try to combine family holidays, because of scheduling, traveling, activities, presents, etc., but it happened!

The pictures will speak for themselves, but I truly hope to do that again! And Shane and I hosted our first big holiday at our new house for my family, which was awesome! First major holiday gathering is now in the books, and we can’t wait for the next one!  🙂


R for Rochelle, L for Lamar!
Emma and Brielle
Me and baby girl!
Jack in the Box with Papa
My brother, Nathan and his daughter Emma
Beyond precious!
My mom and Brielle
Ian, Emma, My mom and Brielle
My sister in law, Amanda, Byran on the skype, and my nephew Isaiah
Workin’ It!
Windy hair, don’t care! 🙂
Ian on the tractor
Cousin lovin’!
my parents, my brother, his son, Aiden and Brielle.
My niece, Rae Rae and her son, Everett
My nephew, PJ
Shane didn’t fall off this time! 😉
My sister in law, Julia
My niece Rhyleigh
Shane’s mom, Granny
My sister in law, Amanda
Isaiah riding Cotton!
My sister in law, Andrea

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Family day for the month!

Every month, since Rochelle has passed away, my family has committed to taking at least one full day a month to get together with all of our kids and make it the best day possible.  Traveling somewhere fun is usually included in this day, and I love it when it is somewhere near us! (I travel every week for my job, so I am definitely someone who loves a closer vacation destination!)

These past few months, have been celebrated around our birthdays, since it is just easier fitting everything into one weekend instead of having to try to schedule a separate day, just to celebrate. This month, happens to be my moms birthday month (her birthday is actually tomorrow, October 19), so she got to pick where she wanted all of us to go.  She chose Palmetto State Park (which is located between Gonzales and Luling) and you can find out more about it here.

We all chose to meet around noon to be able to spend the rest of the afternoon together, and really just explore some of what the park has to offer. The park itself cost $3 for a day entrance pass, and it is SO worth it.  It is everything you would expect in a park, and more. The 2 mile drive to the entrance alone, is beautiful surrounded by big trees and a lot of shade.

We knew all of the kids would love to run around, immediately when we got there, so that is exactly what they did.  The first thing my husband saw, was the lake and he was prepared ahead of time, by bringing all of his fishing gear! He and I immediately took to the lake to try to catch some fish, while Brielle played with  her cousins Aiden and Emma! After about 30 mins of unsuccessful fishing, we all decided to go try to catch some fish at the river (which is a good little walk from the park).  Well, Shane did happen to catch one fish (Go babe!!) but other than that, we definitely lost some stuff as well.  Brielle took it upon herself to throw my moms shoes in the river.One at a time.  The fast flowing river.  Well, I immediately told Shane to cast out his hook to try to catch them! He has great aim, and was successful with one, and I tried and came up short. (sorry mom!) Shortly after, my nephew (Aiden), thought it would be a good idea to throw his in the river… let’s just say, he lost one as well! His shoe flipped over, so we Shane casted out, it wouldn’t hook!

Good thing I was packed to stay at my moms for the night, that I had an extra pair of tennis shoes for her and an extra pair of shoes for Brielle that Aiden could wear for the remaining time at the park.  Whew! After that whole fiasco, we all decided it was time to BBQ and eat some good burgers and chips (Thanks Mike!) and for the kids to relax a little.  Well, the flies were CRAZY, so that was our main concentration during meal time, but it was delicious and I am glad that all of us got to do that! 🙂

We were thinking about going paddle boarding, but was about 30 mins too late (they close early on Sundays), so that will definitely be a MUST when we go back.  Oh, yes, we are definitely going back! After the kids all had a great time, ran around, and played until their hearts were content, it was time for everyone to head their separate ways.

Oh and by the way, my brother and Julia bought my mom an awesome gift called the Echo which is voice controlled to be able to sync with your electrical devices.  Can’t wait to see her put that into use! Brielle chose a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a balloon, and we also found the PERFECT gift for both my mom and mike, to go along with their collection of elephants in their house.  It was at an antique garage sale, and it was two little elephants facing each other.  It will fit perfectly on their mantel and I can’t wait to see it in their living room!

Mom- there have definitely been a LOT of changes that have gone on this past year, so I know that the only way left to go, is up.  I love you so much and thank you being the rock for both Nathan and I when we are now 27 and 28.  We love you MOM! 🙂

Here are some pictures from the day! 🙂

Swing fun!
Swing fun!
Emma being like her Daddy
Emma being like her Daddy
Julia and Nathan! So cute!
Julia and Nathan! So cute!
Emma! :)
Emma! 🙂
Me and my love!
Me and my love!
The “one shoe” club! 🙂
Daddy's catch!
Daddy’s catch!
Brielle HAD to touch it! :)
Brielle HAD to touch it! 🙂
Nana Love
Nana Love
Apollo a.k.a Bear
Apollo a.k.a Bear
Brielle teaching Emma how to fish
Brielle teaching Emma how to fish
Go Emma!!
Go Emma!!
Some family love
Some family love
Happy Birthday, Mom! :)
Happy Birthday, Mom! 🙂