It’s freaking Friday!

This has definitely been one heck of a week!  I am SO happy to say TGIF!!  Since so much occurred, I will just condense it down to our latest top 5 happenings.

⊕ If you remember me telling you  last week that I got referred over to an oral surgeon to perform the removal of my wisdom teeth, since the bottom ones are so close to my nerves, they didn’t want to risk any long term effects from it.  I went to the consult this past Tuesday, and scheduled for me to have them taken out on March 7, 2016! Ahh!  I have never  had any major surgeries, or been put to sleep, so this will definitely be an experience for me!

look at those bottom wisdom teeth

⊕ I had my first week of working two night shifts (back to back, mind you) and I got off at 615am this morning and was unable to sleep today, so I am definitely pretty exhausted right now! Brielle is definitely going to have an early bed time tonight! Good thing the actual shifts were pretty good with no major accidents, incidents, or problems, so that was a definitely blessing.

⊕ Shane and I had our second environmental health inspection (since we needed to fix a LOT of things the first time around, outside of our house, and we still ended up needing to fix just 3 major things this time around.. sooner or later we will pass that portion and be done with the inspection aspect of this whole foster/adoption process.  We also signed up for our very first  adoption event next Thursday night in San Antonio.  A lot of prayers would greatly be appreciated! 🙂

They said this barrier was “temporary”

⊕ I took all 3 of our pets to get all of their yearly vaccines, heart worm/flea medicine, and a whopping $300+ later, they shall be good for the next 6 months! Yay!  I loved hearing the compliments on how beautiful they are, that they look so healthy, and have great teeth, because quite frankly.. that is all what living in the country has done for them.  Our cat was terrified, our brown lab was uneasy about the situation/place, and then our lab/heeler was so hyper, excited to be there.  All three different personalities, so cute!

⊕ Brielle has definitely been having a toddler at-ti-TUDE lately.  We were finally done with her talking back and saying “no” with some sort of explanation as to why she doesn’t want to do what we ask her to do.  With a LOT of reinforcement from both Shane and myself, I can honestly say that she listens so much better, she knows that Shane and I will come as a strong force together and that she cannot manipulate one parent over the other, and that we acknowledge her feelings, but she is still going to have to do what we ask.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend, and I cannot wait to hear what you all have been up to! If you want to keep up with me closer, you can follow me on snapchat:sheridanj2014.

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5 on Friday

Wow, this week has been definitely different, to say the least!

Starting off with Brielle, I must say that I am just amazed at how much our two year old girl just understands about life.  I have never met another 2 year old with the thirst of knowledge, like she has!

Alright, now let’s get to the meaning of this post, and describe 5 happenings this week! 🙂

⊗  First of all, let me just tell you, that I FINALLY went to the Dentist after 4 years.. yes, four, long, awaited years.  My wisdom teeth have been giving me SO much pain, that I finally made the call to go in, and I have had a coupon from Christmas just staring at me to use for the past 2 months ($79 for x rays, cleaning, and consult).  I am so glad I went, because I found out the root cause (quite literally) of my pain, is because my bottom 2 wisdom teeth are coming in almost diagonally, causing them to almost hit my nerve, and pushing my other teeth together.  My top two wisdom teeth are in as well, but not causing me so much pain..yet.  I got referred to an oral surgeon which I will see in 4 days for my first consult.  UGH! I just hate going to the dentist, but I do understand and know the importance of taking care of your teeth when your young. Just imagine, bleeding gums, a lot of pain, and leaving with my mouth hurting worse than when I came in.. lol! It will be a reminder to not wait so long next time, I have already made my 6 month follow-up appointment! 🙂

⊗  My daughter has officially entered the “why” phase… for everything.  I remember when I was a Nanny before, almost 10 years ago, and I didn’t understand all of the answers to give, and almost got “annoyed” with the phase.  Well, now that I am a mom and understand the importance of answering all of their questions to the best of your ability, I wish I would have done better when I was 17/18 years old.  I can’t imagine how Brielle is putting everything together in her head, but once I give her answers that she can understand, she will state it back to me in a way that she understands and I will tell her “that’s correct, good job” and she has the biggest smile on her face. That means the most to me in the world.


⊗  Another huge thing I did, just two nights ago, was work a night shift.  Let me just start off by saying, that I would have rested and recovered ALL day yesterday, if that was possible.  It was a good shift (nothing major went wrong), but I can definitely tell that my body did not know what in the world I was doing staying up all night, instead of sleeping.  I picked up 2 back to back shifts next week, so that should be interesting as well.

⊗  We have been doing so much on the outside of our house to get the house “ready” for the home inspection on the 25th, next week.  It is crazy that we are so close to being able to foster/adopt, yet it still feels so far away! I have heard some great stories/horror stories of the journey that we are about to embark on, but we know that God would never give us another we couldn’t handle.. well, at least he hasn’t yet! 😉 Here is a picture of the progross made in the backyard..


⊗  Last, but not least, I am going to be doing my first own giveaway soon, so stick around!  I have never hosted one on my website, so I am very excited as another thing I get to check off my list of things I want to do in 2016!!

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Non-traditional Valentines Gift

Non-traditional Valentines Gift

Some people like the traditional flowers and chocolate gifts, which is completely fine if that is what you prefer, but sometimes changing things up is a pleasant surprise!

This year for Valentines, I will give you a couple of ideas, and the supplies you will need, to make your special someone happy!

First and foremost, you must know a little about that special person you are buying your gift for.  In this case, their favorite wine, or alcoholic beverage (a non-alcoholic beverage works as well), and their favorite restaurants are needed. You will need a string (or something you can use to attach the gift card to the restaurant) to tie on the bottle itself, and a permanent marker to write a special note on the card.

And that’s it (You might want to make your own card with a sweet little note as well and place the gift card inside that card if you prefer).  Literally SUPER easy, effective, and you get a date-night out of the deal as well at their favorite restaurant! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!!

Here is what I did:


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5 on Friday!

I haven’t done 5 on Friday, in a little while! SO I will definitely update you on a few things happening around with us Johnsons!  Things have been crazy around here adjusting into finally having our house complete and moving in it, staying at home M-F with Brielle and homeschooling her, and thinking of how I am going to accomplish all of my goals this year!

  1. This is pretty exciting news–Our daughter is officially potty-trained, broken of pacifiers, and transitioned into her big girl toddler bed! What’s even more insane is that we did it ALL within the same week! (That is another blog post in and of itself and Shane and I couldn’t be more proud of our 2 1/2 year old growing up right before our eyes)!
  2. We have successfully completed our house and we are still noticing some small things that are having to be fixed, but are so thankful God put this idea in our heart so that we are more space for our family (yay, for mobile homes!) ;)! I will be starting our blogging journey on how we chose this house pretty soon and what to do/not do when it comes to purchasing your first mobile home!
  3. I purchased a new lens for myself for Christmas, and boy do I LOVE it! I am seriously loving taking pictures, and could SO see myself doing this on the side one day for profit, once I fully figure out the ins and outs of it all!
  4. I have joined some amazing blogging groups/joined some classes online, and
    I am beyond excited to dive into this blogging journey/lifestyle and really make the most of it! I know now that I am beyond capable of doing great things, and so I want you all to stay tuned for big things happenings around here with Journey with the Johnsons!
  5.  I purchased 5 things for $12 from our little cute boutique called Bleu in our small little town where I live, and I absolutely love a boutique with great sales, so that I can replace my old, used stuff with cute new updated stuff! YAY for amazing sales, and I would encourage all of you to visit your local stores and always remember to #shoplocal!



Bonus**I have finally decided to also dive into starting my book writing Journey! I have a Title in mind, and I am beyond excited to share my thoughts and feelings!

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