Our little secret- Happy Father’s Day!

Rainbow Agenda.jpg

So we have a surprise for everyone that I figured would be best to share on Father’s Day, since Shane is the best Dad out there! WE ARE PREGNANT!

God has granted us the most gift of all, a baby.  A tiny, little human that is going to grow, and flourish inside of me for the next 7 months! We are still early in our pregnancy, but decided since ALL of our family and friends already know, we might as well announce the GREAT news to you all!

**Just a little background, I wanted to give you all the definition of a rainbow baby**

A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison

We have prayed for our hearts to be ready, to be open and receptive to His will, and do things in His timing. So thankful we listened to Him.

The crazy part is that I found out we were expecting 5 days before Shane’s 30th birthday, so I wanted to give him the news that day.  The irony is that, we didn’t know that we would have to give back the precious foster baby that we have raised since birth, on that day as well.  God knew that our heart needed extra protection and love that day. So thankful for His goodness and mercy!

I wanted to leave you all with a few pics that we took as a family!

(first I will show you how I let Shane know the great news, and his reaction was the greatest of all time!)





  • We hope you all follow along our journey, we are 7 weeks along now, so we have 33 weeks to go! Can’t wait to share this journey with you all!

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5 questions I get asked…



I decided to write this post due to the many questions that I/we (me and my husband)  get basically on a daily/weekly basis when we are out and about with our children.. which is basically all of the time.

  •  Are they all yours?

-Well, the answer is yes.  I am raising them, feeding them, taking care of them, and loving them just like my own while they are in my care. Biologically speaking, no, but we sure treat them all like they are our own.

  • Whose kids are they, then?

-If the conversation goes to the point where we tell them that they are “foster children”, they it all the sudden gives the right to get real personal and want to know everything about them (which for the most part is none of their business and we always protect their privacy when it comes to this).

  • Where did those blue eyes come from? He is so cute!

-First and foremost, the blonde hair and blue eyes that my son has, definitely is unique which is understandable, but he has two older brothers who may not look anything like him, but are just as handsome! I think this bothers me the most when we are out in public and have five gorgeous, unique children, and they want to just point out one to compliment in front of the rest of the kids.  Not cool!

  • How long will you have them?

-Basically there is no easy answer to this.  The length of time for children placed in foster care differs for each case, and they can always take them from a foster home and place them with a family member, if they pass their home study, so we never know what could happen.

  • Do you get good money for them?

-The truth is, we never chose this route for the money.  I was a stay at home before fostering, and I am a stay at home mom now.  God placed us to do this, and it is not easy by any means.  The amount of driving to doctor appointments, counseling, visits with the biological parents and siblings, are just part of the process that really no one tells you about.  The money definitely helps accomplish this for all of the children, and we are so thankful for that.

I hope this answered some of the questions many of you have, and I will probably do an updated version of this, as we are about to hit our 1 year fostering journey!

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2 days old and oh so great!


So yesterday we got a call from our Agency stating that a newborn infant (2 days old to be exact) was needing to be placed due to drug exposure and her other siblings were already in foster care at this time.

We of course said yes, and couldn’t wait to meet her!  She came to us around 9:45pm (when all the kids were already in bed) and we got to hear more about why she was removed and what the plan of care is for reunification at this time with both of her parents.

It was an eventful first night between our 1 year old baby girl and now with her both waking up at different times, but it was oh SO good knowing that we are helping out each of these girls, and restoring them to health before returning back to their parents.

It just feels so good holding a precious newborn again, let me tell you! They are just so innocent, and fragile, and 100% dependent on you.  So amazing how God has placed each one of these precious kids in our house to love on, and comfort and care for in these past 11 months since becoming foster parents.

The children have ALL been so smitten by a new baby girl in the house (especially Brielle), and the older boys can’t wait to come home and love on her some more!

So now we back to the Great 8 number, and we will love on, pray for, and care for baby girl each and every day while she is in our care!

(the baby in the top picture is not our baby girl, but I will leave you with some precious blurred pics of her!)


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The final visit

Being foster parents, you know in the back of your head, that every child placed into care may possibly be up for adoption.  The likelihood of that happening is very slim, but it still gives you hope.

Our journey has been far from easy, and these precious boys of ours (ages 8,6,3) have been through so much in their short life.  On Thursday May 4th, my boys had to say goodbye to the only parents they knew–their birth Mom and Dad.

Throughout the past year and half, they have looked forward to the visits with them every other week (even if the parents tested positive, CPS still let the visits happen) unless the parents cancelled, or didn’t show up.  They have gotten to know them in a supervised setting, and felt safe and secure knowing that nothing could happen during their hour visits.

On the day of the final visit, I told my boys I would be the one taking them and picking them up.  I let them know that since they were aware that their parents cancelled this “goodbye visit” twice already during the week, that if they cancelled this last and final chance, they would not get to say goodbye (per CPS rules/regulations).

I felt SUCH a relief when their birth parents showed up to the visit, because each one of my kids wanted to buy them gifts and give them things as well for them to remember them by.  Each one of my kids picked their own picture frames, with one of their favorite pictures that I printed for them to place inside the frames. My oldest foster son (8) also picked out a nice Jordan hat for his Dad, and some really nice earrings that he thought his Mom would like as well.

There were no tears shed before/during/after the visit from any of my kids at the final visit. My conclusion is that God protect them that day.  I prayed hard that God protect their precious hearts and cover them with His goodness during these hard times, and that prayer was more than answered.  I feel like they had cried all they could before the visit took place, that when it actually happened, they were okay.

If the biological parents don’t appeal the termination of rights, then we get to move forward with adoptions and that would start the process in July.

Thank you for just having the rights words to say to us during this time, and for always being so uplifting and encouraging.

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