5 quirks this Friday


If you know me at all, you know I am a bit quirky at times.  I swear I am 90% introvert and 10% Extrovert (but others beg to differ) and I am not good at conversing with people I don’t know.  Here are five quirks about me, this Friday, that you may not know:

  1.  I am very OCD at particular things.  For example, when I wake up, I make up our bed, make sure Brielle makes up her bed, and make sure the guest bedroom is made (in cause our cat happened to sleep on it and messed it up). The bad thing about that is, Brielle has also picked up this habit and wants her sheets a certain way, ALL the time (even when she is sleeping). OCD fail.
  2. I talk to myself when I am completing a task.  I generally catch myself and stop, but sometimes I just continue on, knowing exactly what I am doing (even in HEB–with or without Brielle).
  3. I want things cooked a certain way–and hate it when food gets burned (Shane mostly does this) but I seriously have to set the timer on the microwave, every.single.time I cook something in the oven just to prevent it from happening!
  4. I dance in the car with my child.  Yes I am the mom who is singing along the music and will add a couple of dance moves in there every now and then.  Brielle on the other hand, rocks out every time she hears a song she likes.
  5. I hate when people stare at me. I have gotten better over time, but it used to REALLY bother me, and cause me a lot of anxiety.  Thank goodness I have learned to care less and that people will always be staring at something they find unusual and/or different.

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Happy FRIDAY!! ❤

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It’s funnnn Friday!

OK, so maybe it’s not that fun, but come on.. who ISN’T ready for the weekend?  And I am so happy to be off for a weekend, and get to spend this weekend with some VERY special mamas.

Here are the latest happenings with us Johnsons:

  • Finally, after three, yes three visits with the oral surgeon.. I am now complete with my visits and I have never been so happy.  I developed a terrible case of dry socket and luckily it was not infected, but the pain I experienced was nothing like I have ever been through before.  It doesn’t happen to everyone who gets their teeth pulled, which is good, because I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. 
  • I finally got my appetite back, great for me.. bad for the scale.  I am glad to say though that since I have had more energy from being able to eat again, I was able to work out 3 times this week, heck yes (so happy to be walking 10,000+ steps again)!
  • Brielle had some super fun play dates this week, one with one of her best friends Gabrielle and her sister Scarlett, and one with my best friend Caitlin and her kids.  She has such a fun/crazy personality when she is with other people, and I love hearing the stories they tell/show me! (More adorable pics to come).
  • We bought fencing for our house, since my father-in-law doesn’t want to fix ALL the major problems that we need fixed  for the foster/adopt environmental health inspection (since he owns the land we are on), so we are just going to be putting a fence in front of the house to block off all of the problems and not have to mess with the land–thank goodness.
  • Last but not least, I am leaving today (yes, mama gets a much needed vacay by herself) to attend a women’s retreat.  This retreat is unlike most others, because we all have the same thing in common.  Each of us moms there, have lost one or more child(ren).   These group of women just get me..because I don’t have to explain myself, or be too scared to share my feelings, they just get it and that’s why I love this retreat so much.  To read more about my experience last year click here.  I was so lost when I went, just two months after I lost Rochelle and I didn’t really know what I was doing in Round Top, Texas with a whole bunch of women I didn’t know.  God brought me there, and I came out so much of a stronger person than when I left.  Thank goodness.I can’t wait to see what this year brings.I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!Enjoy your Friday!! ❤

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Hey there, Friday!

I can’t believe this week has hit Friday already! It just felt like on Monday that I was getting my wisdom teeth removed..crazy!

So I guess that little remark leads into my crazy week (and even crazier weekend coming up!)

  1. This past Monday, as I am sure you all know who have been keeping up with my blog.. I got my wisdom teeth removed, and I am feeling pretty great.. besides the occasion swelling/pain that I get from either talking to much, or accidentally hitting/touching my mouth too hard.. oh yeah AND I have food stuck in one of my pockets.. ugh! (I have literally tried everything to get it out!!)
  2. I did a CRAZY intense workout Monday morning prior to my surgery and I am still sore and did not step FOOT into the gym for the rest of the week.. oh and I have also not reached 10,000+ steps since Monday…fail.
  3. I had to schedule our home study for this Saturday, like as in two days, and I feel so stressed/unprepared for what they might ask.. They said an average home study takes about 4 hours.. AHH!! Please pray for us, if we get that complete, then we only have 1 major thing to check off the list (the environmental health checklist) and then we are going to be READY to foster/adopt.. so close yet SO far away!
  4.  Speaking of Saturday… we are celebrating our “dating” anniversary of 11 years!  We are going to dinner and a movie Friday night to celebrate since Saturday will be so busy/stressful for us.  I cannot believe we have made it 11 years, and still going strong! I feel like we have been through so much in the past few years, that of course letting go of each other might have looked like the easier way out, but coming together, stronger than ever, was definitely the right thing to do.  We are so blessed and continually ask God for strength, guidance, trust, and faith to get us through our marriage.
  5. I went back to work Wednesday at the gym (child care) and Thursday/today working 8+ hour days, and man was it exhausting! I think I probably should have been recovering at home, eating ice cream all week with Brielle and relaxing/enjoying life, but truthfully, I feel like the way to get better, is almost to never fully take a “break”.  I probably would have gotten comfortable taking pain meds, and just worrying about myself, but I feel good working and just to keep moving.

I hope everyone had a great week! And hopefully get to enjoy/relax this weekend (unlike my very eventful one!) 🙂

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Happy FRIDAY!! ❤

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It’s freaking Friday!

This has definitely been one heck of a week!  I am SO happy to say TGIF!!  Since so much occurred, I will just condense it down to our latest top 5 happenings.

⊕ If you remember me telling you  last week that I got referred over to an oral surgeon to perform the removal of my wisdom teeth, since the bottom ones are so close to my nerves, they didn’t want to risk any long term effects from it.  I went to the consult this past Tuesday, and scheduled for me to have them taken out on March 7, 2016! Ahh!  I have never  had any major surgeries, or been put to sleep, so this will definitely be an experience for me!

look at those bottom wisdom teeth

⊕ I had my first week of working two night shifts (back to back, mind you) and I got off at 615am this morning and was unable to sleep today, so I am definitely pretty exhausted right now! Brielle is definitely going to have an early bed time tonight! Good thing the actual shifts were pretty good with no major accidents, incidents, or problems, so that was a definitely blessing.

⊕ Shane and I had our second environmental health inspection (since we needed to fix a LOT of things the first time around, outside of our house, and we still ended up needing to fix just 3 major things this time around.. sooner or later we will pass that portion and be done with the inspection aspect of this whole foster/adoption process.  We also signed up for our very first  adoption event next Thursday night in San Antonio.  A lot of prayers would greatly be appreciated! 🙂

They said this barrier was “temporary”

⊕ I took all 3 of our pets to get all of their yearly vaccines, heart worm/flea medicine, and a whopping $300+ later, they shall be good for the next 6 months! Yay!  I loved hearing the compliments on how beautiful they are, that they look so healthy, and have great teeth, because quite frankly.. that is all what living in the country has done for them.  Our cat was terrified, our brown lab was uneasy about the situation/place, and then our lab/heeler was so hyper, excited to be there.  All three different personalities, so cute!

⊕ Brielle has definitely been having a toddler at-ti-TUDE lately.  We were finally done with her talking back and saying “no” with some sort of explanation as to why she doesn’t want to do what we ask her to do.  With a LOT of reinforcement from both Shane and myself, I can honestly say that she listens so much better, she knows that Shane and I will come as a strong force together and that she cannot manipulate one parent over the other, and that we acknowledge her feelings, but she is still going to have to do what we ask.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend, and I cannot wait to hear what you all have been up to! If you want to keep up with me closer, you can follow me on snapchat:sheridanj2014.

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