Easter 2017 photos!

This year, I wanted to take the Easter pictures a little earlier than normal, because I couldn’t wait to put the precious outfits that I bought them, on them! I wish you all could see the precious, adorable, children behind the blurred images (but due to foster care regulations, that is not allowed), but let me assure you… they are some cute kids!

I decided to to take them at a bridge in Gonzales, Tx and it seemed to turn out so GREAT! I also took a few in our front yard, by a run-down barn we have out front.. and we it has made for some awesome backdrops for my kids!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter this Sunday and spend it with lots of love, food, and amazing fellowship with your friends and family!



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Pastoral’s Appreciation Service

This service was amazing to say the least.  It’s so often that we get caught up in our day to day life that we forget to say “thank you” to those who are so important in our lives.

This service was beautiful, and filled with so many loving hearts who truly LOVE our Pastor Sandra Gates, and wanted to do whatever we could to show much we appreciated her and all that she does for each one of us!

I was in charge of the program (which I will attach below) and the pictures.  I hope the images do the talking, but I know that Pastor was truly loved by so many, and that’s what is important at the end of the day!

(Here is the program I created)



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Baby girl turns ONE!


So our foster baby has officially turned 1!! This will be the last monthly update, and it is kind of bittersweet, because she is the baby in our crazy household!

Height: 26 in.

Weight: 17 pounds 12 oz. (she gained another pound in a month! YAY!)

-To be held–especially from mama or nana
-She has still been teething and loving to try different textures in her mouth
-To stand.  Literally baby girl won’t crawl, or walk, but wants you to walk her around all day, lol!
-To be around Brielle.  Seriously the cutest relationship ever!
-To cuddle!
-To do what she wants, without you taking it away from her (even for her own safety).

– Her hip helpers.  They allow her to sit straighter and work on being in the 4 point crawling position, but she does not see the benefit in wearing them at all.
–To be left alone.

Teeth: No teeth! I am amazed that she still doesn’t have any!

Spits bubbles now, says hi (still working on the wave), dada and trying to do more sign language!

Milestones: She celebrated her first birthday, and first St. Patrick’s Day!


Family visit (2 hours every week, on Tuesdays)

MD appts: All of her specialist are complete for another 6 mo. and finally finished her last MD appt. this morning with her 1 year well check! Such a busy month!

Bi-monthly visits with ECI team

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)

Now I will leave you with some adorable pictures of the party! (the faces are blurred due to them being my foster children and it’s against policy to show their faces)


She loved trying cake for the first time at her party! It was so cute to see her lick her fingers!


I loved that we got to celebrate this amazing “First” with her, and LOVED all of our family/friends that got to attend (over 40+ people!) and come and meet all of our children for the first time!!

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5 ways our foster daughter has changed Brielle

(This is Brielle giving baby girl a belly kiss and making her laugh SO very hard!)


There are definitely some things in life that you just cannot change. You can’t change the fact that Brielle had to experience the unthinkable.. losing her sister when she was just 19 months old,or the fact that she had to learn more about Jesus and God and where her sister and brother are, in Heaven.

But one thing that we have learned about Brielle, is that she is resilient. She absorbs everything God has given her, and more.  She has such an amazing understanding of life and her knowledge at just 3 1/2 years old is out of this world.

God called my husband and I to open our doors and our hearts in January of 2016, to help other children in need of love, hope, and understanding.  At the time, we were just praying that Brielle would transition well and open her heart and her mind into accepting new friends and love them as much as we would!

One day we got a phone call, from a 4 month baby girl getting released from the NICU, born to exposure to drugs, and weighing in at just 1lb 8oz. at birth.  Let me tell you, we didn’t hesitate to tell the case worker YES! Shane and I knew what to expect with the possibility of another special needs baby, and what that would do to our life and our family as a whole, but we said yes immediately and made our way to San Antonio to meet her the next day!!

Brielle immediately clicked with her.  Her big sister switch flipped to “on” and she has been taking care of her ever since.

I just wanted to share with y’all a few ways that our foster child has actually helped our biological child.

  1. She will get Brielle out of bad mood, or a tantrum real quick, by reaching for her and smiling.
  2. She showed Brielle what trust fully is, by giving her everything she has.  She will literally let Brielle re-position her about 100 times, without even crying.  THAT is trust!
  3. She taught Brielle how to be joyful and happy again.  After losing her sister, Brielle kind of just became a different child–A very angry, and very cautious child, who had lost a lot of her joy.
  4. She shows Brielle that she is wanted and needed in providing every day care for her, and so she allows Brielle to help with the many daily tasks that allows Brielle to be wanted/needed.
  5. She is helping Brielle find beauty in the ashes.  It’s so amazingly beautiful to see.

I love the relationship they have developed over the last almost 8 months, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the both of them.  The likelihood that baby girl will have return back to her parents is high at this time, but we know that every moment we have with baby girl is something to cherish and we definitely don’t take any amount of time for granted.

BTW I am linking up with some pretty amazing ladies this Friday, who just updated their button, so don’t hesitate to stop on by their blogs and show them some love as well!

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