It’s official!!



So excited to finally share the news that has taken us:

  • 6 months
  • 50+ hours of training (probably close to 100 including the other agency we switched from)
  •  a lot of traveling to the training courses (for our first agency)
  • time to  make all the changes needed to pass inspections to our brand new house
  • 2 agencies
  • And a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a ton of prayers.

But by grace of God, we did it! Shane and I are official and we cannot wait to see what God blesses us with and uses us to help another child(ren) in need. Please continue to pray for us on our journey and follow along for the ride!! So excited to share the good news with everyone! 🙂

foster home license

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Be still my heart.

I am not sure if it’s the fact of coming together, praying together, and celebrating Jesus that has made my heart swell, but I sure do love this time of year.

I really wanted to take some bluebonnet pictures of Brielle this year, and I always seem to pick the wrong time to do so (this time was right before her nap), but I really wanted to work on my lighting on my manual settings during the bright sun times.

I realized that A. I need to invest in some shading supplies for when I do have a helper that could lend an extra hand and B.  I am still not quite there yet with adjusting my settings during the appropriate time of day.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Brielle and I even got to capture a couple of her and Shane (which I absolutely love).  The lighting changes in a lot of the pictures because like I said above, it was a lot of adjusting settings to see what worked the best.  I love the ones in her tutu dress that my friend Courtney made for her last year for Easter, and the ones where she was just acting silly.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂 Happy Easter!


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11 years down…

I cannot believe Shane and I have been dating for 11 years!! Where in the WORLD has all the time gone??

So much as happened that I feel like I want to take a trip down memory lane for my lovely readers!

2005- The year we met and became “official”, I was a little 16 year old teenager, and he was the “older man” (lol), 17, and about to graduate HS.

2006-I drove 5 hours to go visit Shane at Cisco Junior college and spent the night in the boys dorms.. um gross! lol

2007-I graduated HS, went to Shane’s first family reunion (and was SO overwhelmed by the amount of people in his family).

2008- Still doing our long-distance relationship, and met up more times this year and than ever before.

2009- We got engaged a week before I turned 21, and realized that romantic dates involving kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boats, were not so fun.

2010- We got married!! 10-10-10!

2011-We got pregnant with Lamar!

2012- We lost our precious baby boy.. 07-14-2012. I also graduated RN school 12-12-12.

2013- We welcomed our baby girl Brielle 06-14-2013.

2014- We welcomed our precious Rochelle 11-06-2014 and she passed away 1-07-2015.

2015- We bought our first house!

2016- We got certified/approved to foster/adopt!

We actually just got through with our 3 hour home study!! Hopefully everything went well, and we will be adding to the Johnson family soon!! 🙂

We have been through so much in our lives,  but we have remained together through thick and thin because God has a plan for the both of us, and our lives together.  We were meant to be together, and take this journey through life with one another.

Please join us in prayer as we leap into this journey with foster or adoption and open our hearts to help another child in need.

Beautiful flowers Shane got me!! 🙂
Family love!
Daddy/Daughter love!


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