Book Review: The One and Only

Title:  The One and Only

Author: Emily Griffin

Pages: 413

Chapters: 46

This book takes you on a ride.  You get to know the main character Shea Rigsby, real quick.  She is described as an all-american girl, who is in her early-thirties.  The book is centered around her relationship with her family, her best friend Lucy, and Lucy’s Dad, Coach Clive Carr.

The story is based in a small town in Texas, known as Walker.  It has one of the most elite football programs in Texas, and Shea had found that it would become her everything.  Growing up spending so much time with Lucy, gave Shea that extra time to spend with her dad, Coach Carr, as well.  Shea quickly picked up on the plays and understood everything from the positions on the field, the playbook, any and all of the players on the field (every year).  She wasn’t like most girls who wanted to go shopping, or hang out with all the girls, all she wanted was to know any and everything about football.

In the beginning of the story, a tragedy occurred that changed the entire outlook of everyone involved in Shea’s life.  It made think her life was worth more than just staying at a minimum wage job, and that she should reach further and try harder to further her own career.  You see, everything that is football related, has been practically handed to her.  Everyone in town knew of her knowledge and knew she was the most qualified any job, sports related.

Throughout the story, it takes you on all the ups, and the many downs of what is to come of Shea Rigsby’s future.  Through her romantic life, to her friendships, down to her family dynamics, everything is changing right in front of her, and she quickly realizes that she doesn’t have the answers for everything.

I was really drawn from page 1 all the way to page 413, not wanting to find a place every night to bookmark my page. I lost many hours of sleep reading late into the night, but it was so worth it.  The end completely throws you for a loop and is nothing you anticipated/expected to happen.

I would highly recommend this book!


Sunday Simple Favorites

I don’t know about many of you, but one thing I sure do LOVE, is buying great items for a fraction of the cost.  I get SO excited when I see the that something is half off! I wanted to update you on this glorious Sunday on 3 of my favorite bargain deals that I have recently purchased!

First thing is the pumpkin vanilla candle that I LOVE that I got from Target in the dollar deal section and it smells delicious!! Oh and by the way it was only $3!


Second thing I love, is this scale that I got from HEB.  I know it may sound a little expensive, but it’s a travel digital scale and it was only $12!! How amazing! And I can bring it with me to Lockhart when I travel every week! Oh and it slides back into the slot to make it easier to put into your bag/suitcase!


Third and final bargain is this GREAT book called The One and Only by Emily Giffin.  It was a great Barnes and Nobles find and it was more than half off, making the final price $6! I love this book and it is the perfect book for fall weather!


Oh and on a side note, the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is taking place tonight, and it is suppose to be amazing! The moon is suppose to look blood-orange! So, everyone be sure to look UP tonight before heading to bed!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂

Book In Review: The Invisible String

Book In Review: The Invisible String

Have you ever read a children’s book and just realized that the meaning could be told to adults as well? This book was definitely one of those.

Title: The Invisible String

Author: Patrice Karst

The amount of ages:30

This story is about how these two little kids get scared during the middle of the night, during a loud thunderstorm.  The mom starts telling them how they don’t have to be scared, and then decided it was time for them to hear about the Invisible String.

As the author describes the Invisible String as “you don’t need to see the Invisible String.  People who love each other are always connected by a very special String made of love.”  It is so powerful and meaningful for our children to know that even though we may not always be together, that the bond between us will never be broken.

This book is so special because it was given to us at the remembrance ceremony for Rochelle and Brielle is understanding slowly that even though she will never physically see her sister again, the bond between the two of them will never be broken.  I love this book, and we read it almost every night before going to bed.  It’s definitely on our top of the list books to choose.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has lost a significant other, or a child is asking questions, this story explains it very well for both the children and the adult audience to understand. 🙂

Brielle and the book :)
Brielle and the book 🙂


Book in Review: Crazy Love

Book in Review: Crazy Love

Title : Crazy Love (Two best friends, too many lovers, totally outrageous)

Author: Desiree Day

Number of Pages: 312

Chapters: 61 short chapters

I remember reading this book in my early 20’s and only got about 1/3 of the way before getting drawn onto another book.  I wish I would have told myself to stick it out a few years ago, because it’s a great read!

This book describes two women (Stacie Long and Tameeka Johnson) finding their way through their lives and through different men.  Stacie has a list that she goes by every time she meets a man that she wrote in high school and still believes that the perfect man is out there.  Stacie is described as a beautiful woman who all the guys flock too.  Tameeka on the other hand, is just amazed when any man is interested in her and she is just wanting to find her own “Mr. Right” .

Both of their lives are definitely opposite, but the roots of these girls goes way back to when they were children living in the same rough neighborhood where not many people made it out to be successful.  They both decided they were not going to be those people and Stacie got a job at a law firm being a receptionist while Tameeka decided to open up her business from scratch and offer different types of products in her shop to help people relieve stress and relax.

It definitely gets into detail with this book about their love life, their social life, and their personal lives as well.  I loved that I can definitely relate with some of my friends with having to go through rough times before finding their soul mate, or the friends that had to struggle before becoming successful.  I loved this book, and I couldn’t wait to get in bed at night and read late into the night, losing track of time.

I would probably recommend this book to just the women, I am sure a man would like this book, but I am gearing this audience to be more towards the women.  It’s a good read and I am glad I pulled it out of my box of books that I saved and read it again! 🙂