Non-traditional Valentines Gift

Non-traditional Valentines Gift

Some people like the traditional flowers and chocolate gifts, which is completely fine if that is what you prefer, but sometimes changing things up is a pleasant surprise!

This year for Valentines, I will give you a couple of ideas, and the supplies you will need, to make your special someone happy!

First and foremost, you must know a little about that special person you are buying your gift for.  In this case, their favorite wine, or alcoholic beverage (a non-alcoholic beverage works as well), and their favorite restaurants are needed. You will need a string (or something you can use to attach the gift card to the restaurant) to tie on the bottle itself, and a permanent marker to write a special note on the card.

And that’s it (You might want to make your own card with a sweet little note as well and place the gift card inside that card if you prefer).  Literally SUPER easy, effective, and you get a date-night out of the deal as well at their favorite restaurant! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!!

Here is what I did:


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The bold and the beautiful

By the way, how many of you thought of the soap opera when you read my Title of this post? haha, I sure did!

On a separate note, there are not many things out there, that stand out more than a bold color.  This time, I chose to go with red for the base coat, and red glitter for the top coat!  I truly feel that having your nails painted, just brightens up your day! When you are writing, or using your hands in general, you can’t help but smile when you see how cute your nails look!

Here are how  my nails+my daughters nails, turned out! I love a color that can look good on both of us, and red was the perfect choice!

For the base coat, you can find it here.  It’s called Red Red by Wet N Wild.

For the top glitter coat, you can find it here. It comes in a set of 3, called All that Glitters by Nicole Polizzi (Snooki).


What are some of your favorite colors for your nails?


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A simple, easy, DIY gift

Have you ever wanted to give someone a great, and meaningful gift, but you realized when you opened your bank account, that you didn’t have that much money to spend?

I am here to show you how I made our simple Christmas gifts for our family members.

What you will need:

⊗ An 8 X 10 picture frame

⊗ A printed picture (I actually took them to WalMart to get printed)

⊗ Tule

⊗ Scissors

I actually bought a lot of frames that were 60% off, making them just $3.99! I got the pictures printed for $1.50 each, the tule cost $1.00, and the scissors I used were mine from home, making the total cost around $6.50/each! Score!!


For a little bonus I picked frames that you could write on with permanent marker, and wrote a sweet little personal note on the top corner of each frame! 🙂

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Sunday Simple Favorites

I don’t know about many of you, but one thing I sure do LOVE, is buying great items for a fraction of the cost.  I get SO excited when I see the that something is half off! I wanted to update you on this glorious Sunday on 3 of my favorite bargain deals that I have recently purchased!

First thing is the pumpkin vanilla candle that I LOVE that I got from Target in the dollar deal section and it smells delicious!! Oh and by the way it was only $3!


Second thing I love, is this scale that I got from HEB.  I know it may sound a little expensive, but it’s a travel digital scale and it was only $12!! How amazing! And I can bring it with me to Lockhart when I travel every week! Oh and it slides back into the slot to make it easier to put into your bag/suitcase!


Third and final bargain is this GREAT book called The One and Only by Emily Giffin.  It was a great Barnes and Nobles find and it was more than half off, making the final price $6! I love this book and it is the perfect book for fall weather!


Oh and on a side note, the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is taking place tonight, and it is suppose to be amazing! The moon is suppose to look blood-orange! So, everyone be sure to look UP tonight before heading to bed!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂