Tonight as I was putting Brielle to sleep, I was telling her how amazing, beautiful, and such a blessing she was to me.  I wanted her to just know that I am so happy that God allows us each and every day to raise her and be her parents.  I think we get so caught up in our every day lives, that we just forget to tell our kids how precious of a gift and amazing they are.

After I was telling Brielle how amazing she was, she looked and me and said “I’m sad”, (and then I knew right then and there that her mind was racing and her heart was digging so deep) so of course I asked why and she stated to me “I am sad because God took my brother and my sister and I want to know why.”  This just stumped me, because I am amazed at the fact that my three year old comprehends so much at her age.  I told her that we are all God’s children to begin with, so he doesn’t take any of them from us, he just simply has a differently calling for their life.  I went on to say that they are very much alive and happy and probably running around as we speak. She then states “I just want to know why God allowed my brother and sister to be born sick,” well..that was a tough one because it just hit me so deep.  That is exactly what I used to ask Him all the time when I was told that I was carrying a terminally ill baby.  But the best response that I could come up with is that God makes every single one of us differently and some of us are more unique than others and are born sick, but that it doesn’t make any of us less special, just more unique. She was satisfied at this point and just said “I just want to give you a really tight hug right now” and so she did, and proceeded to go to sleep.

Let me tell you, I learn SO much from her, and I know I don’t always have the best answers to her questions,and I will definitely let her know if it is something that I need some time to think about and get back to her. Knowing at just three years old that she can really understand where her siblings are, and grasp the fact that they are both different than her is so so precious and special in our hearts and our family.  Shane and I definitely know that we are doing something right raising her.

I just felt like this needed to be shared, and I wanted it documented so that I would never forget this precious little conversation, with my precious little girl.

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Happy 4th birthday, Lamar!

Today marks our son, Lamar Grant Johnsons 4th heavenly birthday.  We love him and miss him dearly, and can’t imagine how he is celebrating up in heaven.  We know that he is celebrating with his baby sister, Rochelle and I am sure they are having the TIME of their lives.  We took the night to say prayer (like we do each and every day over Lamar and Rochelle), do a balloon release and celebrate with some cupcakes!  Please give all your babies 4 extra kisses or hugs tonight as they go to bed! That’s exactly what we would be doing!


Birthday Celebrations!
Our big boy turned 4!! 🙂
Precious sweet balloons
His balloons flying high in the sky
His footprint is always on my heart

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Family Day March 2016


Today, was definitely not a planned day to the tee, like our usual monthly meetups are.  Shane and I were suppose to get our fencing in from Lowes today (we are putting a fence around the front of the yard for the foster/adoption rules/regulations) and of course Lowes forgot some pieces and so we couldn’t complete it today (But that was our intent–to spend today as a family building our fence).

Instead, we spent time with the kids playing (the kids played SO much), and just loving each others company.  My parents and my Aunt Sylvia came down from Lockhart and my brother, his wife, and their kids came down from Austin.

I thought I was completely insane to have a family day, on a day that I was coming back from such an emotional womens retreat (Haven of Hope), but that was exactly what I/we needed.  God knew I needed to be around those who love me unconditionally, and those who have walked this journey with me, and I loved every minute of it.

We went and bought Easter eggs/candy/baskets for the kids and let them have at it! They loved every minute of it and I couldn’t believe only a few hours with them, would fill my heart so much.

In loving honor of my children, here are the family photos from today:


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