Basic Invite, anyone?

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Every year, I am always looking for that one stop shop to where I order the “perfect” birthday card for Brielle.  I usually end up just settling for something, instead of really get what I am looking for.

I finally found the perfect solution–Basic Invite.  This shop is seriously amazing.  They recently added a stationary line, and I couldn’t wait to get started with my order!  Because we don’t have any major events coming up, I ordered some cards that could work with us and with some of our friends that are expecting!

This shop offers a card for every type of occasion from:

  • baby showers
  • births/welcome new baby
  • weddings
  • announcements
  • graduation
  • holidays
  • birthdays…and many more!

Their cards are easy to choose, easy to customize, order, and have it delivered right to your door.  I would definitely suggest that everyone at least try purchasing one card, and let me know if you like/love it! They did not disappoint me at all with their colors, patterns, and multiple options for customization.



(The reason why I blurred the information is because I do not want to give away personal information)

The cards are the perfect size, with envelopes that fit with the different shape/sizes of the cards. They are very strong, sturdy, and durable made with great quality that will last a lifetime!

I love Basic Invite and I am so glad we teamed up together and I got some amazing invitations/cards for our family and our friends!

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welcome to my treasure hunt

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Who doesn’t love a great treasure hunt?? Especially one to play with your kids? I was so excited when I was contacted by Ilan about this product!

I really have never done a “treasure hunt” with Brielle, and I wasn’t really sure she was quite ready for it (because she is only 3), but she loved it!

Here is a little background about Treasure.Run:

⊗ It’s a family run business

⊗ It’s educational, fun, and very creative

⊗ Parents and children can both get involved and play (huge bonus in my book)

⊗ Each game tells you the supplies that you will need

⊗ There are different ways to solve each riddle (which is great for all different age levels)

⊗ It’s easy to play, easy to download, and easy to print


I love asking Brielle each question, and I placed a little stuffed animal at all the surprise areas, and then had her bring me the surprise when she found the correct answer to the riddle. So fun!! We loved it all, and I know you will too!

That’s why I am hosting a giveaway to 3 of my lucky readers! It’s going on for a week, and three of my readers that enter, will win a free game at Treasure.Run

Good luck!! You will not regret it!

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When it comes to something fun, creative, and something your kids will love, stickers seem to always come up during the conversation.  Brielle (who is almost 3) LOVES stickers, and so I knew teaming up with Stickerkid was going to be a great idea!

Stickerkid products are:

  • water resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe
  • washer/dryer safe
  • fridge/freezer safe

After going through all the products, I wanted a little bit of everything and couldn’t choose! So, I went with my right-hand gal and Brielle chose the 3 tags, and the 44 medium labels.  She chose the design as well, and the colors, and she LOVED when they were shipped to our house immediately and arrived a few days later! So easy!

I am sure that so many kids that are in school, daycare programs, or even mothers day out need to have their kids items labeled so that they don’t get lost, or misplaced by the other children/teachers. What if you could prevent that by just having a sticker/label on all of their items so that this doesn’t happen? Stickerkid is the perfect product for that!

When the stickers and labels arrived to our house, Brielle couldn’t wait to start labeling anything and everything with them! It was adorable how excited she was.  The bonus–she knew they said her name on them and remembered the design that she had chosen!  She put the tags on her diaper/to-go bag and her overnight bag, and started placing the sticker label on all of her puzzles, juice cups, and anything that was “hers”.  I am sure other children would love to use these products as well, so I am going to post a link below for you to check out some of the amazing products they offer!

click here to go to see some amazing products

Here are some pictures with the products in use:



**Sponsored post-I received these products at a discount or free of charge in exchange for writing this review.  All thoughts and opinions on the products are my own.