The perfect shave


This post is definitely for all of the men out there (or the ladies that shave their faces!)

Shane is always trying out different shaving creams, and using different razors that will leave his face feeling moist and smooth! The problem is that in our small town H-E-B (we live in Texas) it really doesn’t have many options to choose from.

When The Mens Soap Company reached out me, I knew it would be the great match for Shane, and I couldn’t wait for him to try out the Himalaya Shaving Soap .

The all-natural ingredients was a huge YES for me (and Shane as well), and the smell of the soap is SO amazing!

When Shane first applied the soap, he literally used such a small amount and started to lather it all around his face/beard-as the company states “a perfect lather should be smooth, thick, bubble free and silky to the touch that helps blade glide over the skin, catching only the hair. The lather should not irritate skin during pre-shave application, shave and post-shave. Also, the post-shave skin should feel hydrated and moisturized.” It definitely did all of that and then some!






The smoothness that it left afterwards was amazing! Shane said “it was so easy to use, and I didn’t have to put any moisturizer/after shave on my face because it didn’t need it.”

Check out their shaving soap collection for other fragrance options. The Lavender soap sounds good, maybe we’ll try that next.

I would love what some of your favorite products are for shaving as well! Leave a comment below! 🙂



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