The perfect Bib!

Baby Wings

I have been on the search (for quite some time now) for the perfect bib for Malachi! I needed it to meet so many requirements, because the thick cloth material ones that he uses for drool/spit up throughout the day, just weren’t making the cut!

I needed a bib to:

⊕ Catch the baby food that doesn’t get into Malachi’s mouth.

⊕ Be flexible and loose fitting (I love the fact that it’s adjustable to fit all different sizes of babies.)

⊕ Be vibrant, because he seems to love all the bright colors right now.

⊕ Be an averaged size bib, not too big or too small (I especially wanted it to be able to fit behind where stomach area touches the edge of the high chair, and not be on top of it.)

⊕ Be easily washed off and able to be reused by the next meal!

Now this baby wings bib meets all of the above criteria! It comes in such fun vibrant colors (and also includes a fork and a spoon which is perfect for beginning exposures to food), great packaging, cute images on the front of the bibs, and so so easy to use!

To purchase yours, click the following link here

I know Malachi is loving his, and I would truly recommend these bibs/silverware set to any mom looking to start feeding their babies, or introducing different textures to them!

I would love to hear from all of you mamas on some of your favorite bibs, or which techniques do you use when trying to keep the food off the clothes and in the mouth!

Comment below!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Sheridan

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