Our precious son turns 6 months old

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Today is the day that our baby boy is 1/2 a year old! I truly can’t believe 6 months have passed! This little boy lights up a room with his zest for life, LOVE for others, and his easy-going personality! We love you so so much big boy and enjoy every single minute you are here!♥

Weight: 18.5 pounds

Length:26 1/2 inches taken at home


-To be held! It’s so adorable how much he LOVES when we are holding him via the Lillebaby carrier!
-To be talked to, he LOVES when all of his siblings talk and play with him!
-To eat! He has just started to like baby food more, and it’s so cute to see him eat so well!
-To sleep! This past month we have transitioned him to his crib and most nights he will sleep all night without a peep! Some nights he just wants extra cuddles and then we put him back in his crib
-His bath! Sometimes I swear he looks so relaxed in it, I think he might just fall asleep!
-His ability to sit up on his own and reach for ALL things around him! He is such an active baby boy!

– When are out of sight and he thinks he is by himself–cue the elephant tears!
– Getting dressed/undressed! He still doesn’t like the fact that people have to wear clothes!

Teeth: None! Gosh he is teething a LOT, so I hope one pops in soon!

He has just started to blow raspberries (which is so adorable!), and loves to make a lot of noise to express himself!

Milestones: He just started to pick up his back left leg to try to crawl to what he wanted, so I am thinking crawling is near in our future! He has mastered rolling over, and sitting up on his own!


MD appt:  6 month well check!



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2 thoughts on “Our precious son turns 6 months old

  1. So, his birthday is January 9?? That’s my daughter’s birthday! How did I not realize this? She’s 18 months old today!
    Happy half birthday little ones!!


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